How to Make Fudgy Cake Pops (Nordic Ware Recipe) ケーキポップ 作り方 (レシピ)

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25 Responses to “How to Make Fudgy Cake Pops (Nordic Ware Recipe) ケーキポップ 作り方 (レシピ)”

  1. ochikeron says:

    How to Make Fudgy Cake Pops (Nordic Ware Recipe) ケーキポップ 作り方 (レシピ)


  2. ochikeron says:


  3. J'asmine Lu says:

    oh wow I have to make these :)

  4. Willie Caldwell says:

    Chinese or Japanese chocolate is awesome

  5. PullipKisses says:

    American chocolate is so blah… Not like super cute Japanese chocolate!

  6. Dave Kanayinkal says:

    nice job! but i don’t speak japanese (Thats Celestin3)

  7. BlackCat Clay says:

    favolosi <3

  8. Stargirl Nickel says:


  9. Swathy Unnikrishnan says:

    A talking oven!!!
    Wow, I wish I had one, and I don’t have that cake mold, so i was confused
    if I can just use any mold.

  10. quiksilver0000 says:

    omg your oven. It TALKS! and it’s so easy to use!
    mine just makes funny sounds like it’s gonna explode. haaha

  11. GirlFire44 says:

    I want an oven that talk with me while i’m cooking :c

  12. Unique Sweets says:


  13. Sally Leung says:

    Chocolate pen and egg give away

  14. emma blackbridge says:

    can I make the cake recipe in a cake mold then crumble the cake and mix it
    with melted chocolate to form balls ?

  15. ภารตรี เจริญสุข says:


  16. Subira ekunday says:

    Ok Ok I subscribe to you 😀 You are too sweet and I love your videos!

  17. roberto ramirez says:

    beautifull voice tone!!!!!!!

  18. Hạo Nhiên Ruby says:

    oh!my good! I fly with sister

  19. Justin Tran says:

    You go to New York like everytime

  20. C Me says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  21. ochikeron says:

    hehe thanks :)

  22. y020305un says:

    독도는우리땅! !!

  23. あま や says:

    I was wondering if there’s a way to make them without chocolate? Probably a
    stupid question. But my boyfriend hates chocolate and I really want to make
    these for him. Maybe I could use vanilla cake and an alternative coating or
    no coating. I guess I could just stick the candy decorations on with icing
    and then cool it. My life would be a lot easier if he just liked chocolate

  24. emily dang says:

    It was taking long to load

  25. Emily Yang says:


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