How to make graduation cap cake pops¡¡

In this video we have made graduation cap cake pops¡¡ This vídeo has been recorded by Keyks. It is a spanish cake decorating business. We have a special chan…
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20 Responses to “How to make graduation cap cake pops¡¡”

  1. alohacupcake99 says:

    These are cool ima try it thank you

  2. ummmmm20 says:

    This is so awesome! :)

  3. litsguggs says:

    @PrettyPolish1 i think shes spanish its not annoyng

  4. Hollybeth84 says:

    How can someone not take offence at that? My friend is Spanish and I admire
    her for even being able to speak English at all, who cares about accents?
    Can you speak Spanish? Doubt it.

  5. PrettyPolish1 says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if i’m lying? Well i have papers to prove it, i
    learnt fluent Spanish in school -___________-

  6. bigbangluvsme says:

    they look so yummy !!!!! =D

  7. Irving Sanchez says:

    it dose not look intresting

  8. litsguggs says:

    are you spanish cuz im from colombia

  9. PrettyPolish1 says:

    No Offence , But Your Accent Really Anoys me and i dunno what your saying

  10. tiarasooosweetlol789 says:

    Thank u

  11. bake pops says:

    Great idea especially for this time of year!

  12. CatHarlem says:

    What did you use for the tassel?

  13. hpdragon723 says:

    Nicely done. You could also cover a Graham Cracker in Chocolate Coating to
    make the Cap.

  14. Lilia Denson says:

    wow! you make look very simple! I’ll try it! thanks!

  15. Hollybeth84 says:

    Ok what if you do. Point is, it’s not very nice to make comments like that
    about people’s accents. If anything, you should have more empathy for
    people with different accents.

  16. TAREKEID says:

    sooo bad

  17. PrettyPolish1 says:

    Yes, actually i can speak Spanish, So you got it wrong -___________-

  18. Sean Siruno says:

    ikr i just graduated

  19. Kami Rojas says:

    This is so cool! Where did you guys get that knife rolling thing from?

  20. Hollybeth84 says:

    I said doubt it….so I was obviously only guessing and never thought I was
    getting it right. Bet your accent doesn’t sound too hot when you’re trying
    to speak a language you’re not used to. Wouldn’t be surprised if you’re
    lying anyway.

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