How to Make Grasshopper Cake Pops

Learn all of the SECRET TIPS and TRICKS from Gretchen Price a professional pastry chef from the (CIA) Culinary Institute of America and owner of Woodland Bakery in Chatham New Jersey. Join…

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25 Responses to “How to Make Grasshopper Cake Pops”

  1. naseeba shehim says:

    Y ppl hv to giv thumbs down to such pretty cake pops…

  2. Mel VIXEN says:

    David copperflied is a magician

  3. Ani Zakarian says:

    that is so cute

  4. Lisa McConnachie says:

    …David Copperfield :)

  5. henrec says:

    I love how you talk about cake pops as something usual, I think it’s like
    an “american thing”. I have never heard about it in Brazil, we don’t even
    have a name translation here, but It’s such great idea to use the trimmed
    layers for this, very useful and delicious :) Love you, Gretchen, you are
    my inspiration

  6. pattycakes376 says:

    Great video. It’s nice to see you wearing food prep gloves. So many people
    don’t and frankly it’s gross. Especially these well known bakers like Buddy
    and I could name some more. I personally don’t want someone’s bare hands
    all over my food. 

  7. Tessa j says:

    Thank you so much! i want make thess for valentines day! :)

  8. De'Nella blackthorn says:

    What about Chris Angel

  9. Brianna McBean says:

    So after you put the thin chocolate on the pops do u not put them in the

  10. Kelli Danielle says:

    David Copperfield! Magician..

  11. Molly Mango says:

    Criss Angel!! 😀

  12. Woodland Bakery says:

    all the recipes are found at woodlandbakeryblog(dot) com but you can just
    use about 8ounces of chocolate, enough to dip your pops would be fine

  13. doberdawgs4me says:

    Was David Cooperfield a magician?

  14. Lauren Douglas says:

    Something I like even more than cake pops are brownie pops. I just take
    normal brownies, roll them in balls and dip them in white and milk

  15. armywife says:

    More upscale than vitamin “O”? I think not…. Blasphemy! LOL Just kidding,
    we love our vitamin”O” here in our house but I think Andes mints, the
    originals, are my all time favorite candy… I can eat a whole bag in one
    sitting :)

  16. Woodland Bakery says:

    That is correct

  17. Rachel D says:

    Hi gretchen. Lately my swiss buttercream has been looking like softened
    crisco. Im not sure what im doing wrong. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

  18. Pat Cheatham says:

    I just want to know how you stay so clean? Ha Ha Ha….I would be covered
    in chocolate and green dye and I’m a chef.

  19. BuckwheatHoney says:

    Nobody else finds it odd to see Gretchen making the cake pops?

  20. rostella trisna says:

    I always wanted to use my cake scrap for cake pops….but the cake scrap
    will always vanish every time i turn my head for a sec lol

  21. FitAnge S says:

    It’s fantastic to see Gretchen and your cameraman is great too :) keep up
    the great vids i love em

  22. HatchedByTwoChicks says:

    Oooooh these are going to be incredible. I haven’t even gotten past the
    display and already I can tell these are YUMMY. I need to find a way to
    make them GLUTEN FREE. :)

  23. Charlotte Rose says:


  24. Joseph Palamar says:

    Yummy nothing better than mint, chocolate and cake.

  25. Kate Scott says:

    i never get distracted watching anymore! i really am learning and nt
    getting flustrated because you have to rush , i love woodland bakery! x x

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