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via YouTube Capture.

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  1. zeth walker says:

    dude its just jello u idiot quit acting like your having an orgasm over it

  2. Rawwr Susan says:

    If I was to taste your cooking I would probably have a foodgasm too xD

  3. AMB Alexander says:

    fun fact: gelatin is a mixture of peptides and proteins produced by partial
    hydrolysis of collagen extracted from the skin, bones, and connective
    tissues of animals such as domesticated cattle, chicken, pigs, and fish.

  4. (koreanpride) 설 하늘 says:

    His reactions at the end are the best part of the videos

  5. mardei12345 says:

    I like the looks of the food, but hes like ohh i got an orgasm over food.
    and he says yummy yummy all the time i hate it?

  6. DiamondRubyEmerald says:

    I was so jealous when you made that!

  7. ksespeedfox says:

    lol did you say “gluggify”? 😛 looks fun.

  8. Awesome Muffin says:

    I wanna eat that so badly

  9. Marya Khan says:

    LOLOLOL!!!!! I just simply LOVE your reactions at the end! ;D Priceless….
    :P…Pause at 4:12 and at 3:58 xD

  10. Popomp Pabalan says:

    It looks like it’s not delicious for you.

  11. MsEverybodylovespie says:

    Maybe I’ll like my broccoli better if I act like you do when I try food! :D

  12. stephanie altruz says:

    i love the facial expresions you make when you taste food xp

  13. irina mosor says:

    It’s look yummy

  14. Marya Khan says:

    LOL! When I bake or cook, I always say ‘glugify.’ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Where
    did you come up with a such a word xDDDD

  15. RetroProGamer says:

    arent Cake Pops actually CAKE but like a loliPOP, round,small and on a
    stick? So these are just Gummy Pops or Jelly Pops right? because where is
    the cake? :/ i dont say that that wasnt a nice video but i thought i would
    see some Jelly with Cake on a stick

  16. Louis Rixx says:

    His reactions are hilarious

  17. Jessica Rowley says:

    Wht you so posesed with every thing on video and know betending

  18. Mapeepo says:

    I made this and it turned out DELISH XD

  19. Deviana Mahabir says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  20. DullVivid says:

    Oh my god, all the foods you make look so cute and delicious. Keep up what
    you do! (:

  21. Sneha Ravichandran says:

    bahahha! nice :)

  22. Emma Estrada says:

    I made gummy mustaches with the instructions and they are coolig right now
    and I can’t wait they are blueberry jolly rancher :D

  23. Mapeepo says:

    I made this and it turned out DELISH XD

  24. La Bella says:

    When you made them, you put the pop stick in the center between two halves,
    but the three you showed us has the pop stick through the two halves.
    The first on, the dividing line is on the vertical, the others, the line is
    on the horizontal.
    Any reason for this switch other than the halves kept falling apart?

  25. J Gnocco says:

    is it possible to replace the water with vodka to make them alcholic or
    would the consistency be diffrent

  26. blessed5773 says:

    You girls are soooo CUTE!

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