How to make Halloween Cake Pops

How to make Halloween Cake Pops

How to make Pumpkin Halloween Cakepops! Leave me a comment down below on what halloween cakepops your making or any ideas you would like me to make! Dont for…
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7 Responses to “How to make Halloween Cake Pops”

  1. Cynstarz1 says:

    Thanks a bunch! I’ll be making caramel apples the last week of October. I
    just posted a new cake pop video so check it out. Its Jack from the
    nightmare before christmas. :)

  2. Darkkan13 says:

    I’m not sure how tech savvy you are but what might improve the audio
    quality is if you record what your saying on a voice recorder and then add
    it later using a simple movie maker..there’s a free one through windows
    computers…like your videos :)

  3. Ashley Zimmerman says:

    You sud Mace frosting popcon cackle pops

  4. Camille Garcia says:

    By the way, I saw another video made like, years ago that was the same cake
    pop as this. ????

  5. Camille Garcia says:

    Caramel apples!!

  6. Camille Garcia says:


  7. kendra pacheco says:

    Can You make a Dracula Cake Pop

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