How to Make Keroppi Cake Pops!

Hey everyone! These Sanrio Keroppi cake pops are so cute and would be a great treat for any Hello Kitty lover! In case you’ve never heard of this wide-eyed f…
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25 Responses to “How to Make Keroppi Cake Pops!”

  1. kawaiisweetworld says:

    New video up today! I had so much fun making these Keroppi cake pops –
    they’re almost (almost :-) too cute to eat! And if you’re wondering who
    this wide-eyed frog is, Keroppi is a Japanese Sanrio frog character that’s
    friends with Hello Kitty. Check out the video below, and enjoy!

  2. Artemis Nyan-chan says:

    what does she do with all the leftover cake pops and other deserts she
    makes? she seems to make them in big portions O_o

  3. heatherzzzworld says:

    love this!! im difinitely going to try this!!! i LOVE keroppi!!!

  4. Maddi Henderson says:

    Where do you buy your cake pops from?

  5. Yamilet Bucio says:

    Just bought the ingredients today

  6. Michelle Nguyen says:

    Keroppi is my FAVORITE Sanrio character. I used to hVe Keroppi everything.
    I love these cake pops. I’m making there for myself for my birthday. 

  7. David Black says:

    Kawaii Sweet World. I don’t know what you look like. I don’t know you. I
    don’t know your name. I do know that I would totally marry you. 

  8. Lily S. says:

    wow you make it look easy… i burnt the wilton chocolate the first time i
    used it :/

  9. Ellie Park says:

    these are the coolest cake pops ive seen!! 

  10. Claudia Steinz says:

    Could you do watermelon cake pops ^.^

  11. Chloey Pascua says:

    Where do you get the edibal marker?

  12. Sisy789AJ says:

    While I was watching this I had my Keroppi blanket XD

  13. Anny Lin says:

    When you made the cake pops they were the exact same recipe as last
    time.The only difference was the decoration but I’m pretty sure people know
    how to decorate their own cake pops!

  14. Ricky Chavez says:

    I like it

  15. Melissa Yeo says:

    How long done it take for the candy coating to set

  16. Dibby Kumara says:

    keroppi is liiiiiiiiife

  17. Miki's Pantry says:

    You did a good job, girl! 😀
    I’m not a fan of Keroppi though…haha, never was and never will be.
    Something about his face reminds me of Kermit the frog. >_>

  18. jennifer farmer says:

    So cute

  19. KissTheR1an says:

    Great for st.patrick day !

  20. 78hozer says:

    I love it

  21. Sugarpie says:


  22. Mya Williams says:

    Me love hellokitty 

  23. Johana Melo says:

    Want to have sex.

  24. Bethany Francia says:

    Where can I buy the mini pink food processor??

  25. Faith Wang says:

    How much dough is in each cake pop?

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