How to make Minecraft Cake Pops – Quake N Bake

Minecraft Grass Block Cake Pops! Making cake pops is really easy! Follow me on twitter! @ihascupquake This video will show you: How to make cake pops how to …
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25 Responses to “How to make Minecraft Cake Pops – Quake N Bake”

  1. Mirela Zovko says:

    Guys! U Can use crumbled cookies too:)

  2. AnnaTheCookieMC says:

    The simplest cakes in life are the best cakes.

  3. Mychal Butler says:

    ihascupqauke would you like to play minecraft with me

  4. KatieKatKraft says:

    1:49 I see what you did there

  5. Shelby Abrego says:

    Cat in the background!

  6. Soh Jia Xuan says:

    Please make minecraft glass panes with the minecraft logo on it ( use food
    coloring for the logo )

  7. I Are Gamer says:

    how long do they need to chill?

  8. SydLikesWaffles says:

    An easier way of making cake pops is to make a batter, than shape it into
    balls, and bake, next melt some chocolates, and put all the batter on cake
    pop sticks, then you dip them quickly them put sprinkles on before the
    melted chocolates dries. But good job Cupquake!

  9. misscrafter3 says:


  10. bdawgie02 says:


  11. Alesi Davila Pavon says:

    Circles are 2d we are 3d so balls or spheres is the word

  12. Chris Hatford says:

    Put the food coloring in first then melt it

  13. Nobudy248 says:

    I have to let mine chill now

  14. Gilbert McCann II says:

    Make a minecraft landscape cake

  15. Shelby Kennedy says:

    You should call your fans / subscribers – Quakers

  16. Lily Speelman says:


  17. GeekyGamer says:

    You should of used a cocktail stick and made little squares underneath the
    grass bit so it looks 8-bit.

  18. PMF'S TheATeam3 says:

    Red is lucky he found the perfect women for him and he can eat those cake
    pops and all he did was film. :( I wish I could have a cake pop.

  19. Lauren Brittain says:

    try the bubblegum frosting powder it actually tastes like bubblegum 

  20. juliana cardoza says:

    Thnxs so much for doing these


    I wish that is was your sister but a am a girl

  22. Jair Rojas says:

    Make a cooks creeper

  23. Lee Eryn says:

    How do u melt the chocalate I tried melting chocalate once n almost burned
    down the house

  24. Mikayla W says:

    Mmmmm… those look good

  25. Gio Contreras says:

    The song is cat in minecraft

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