How to make Monsters Inc Cake Pops

Btw: I did not forget the P in Bloopers. It is there, on it’s side under the OO’s Hi there cake pop lovers! Learn how to make these adorable Monsters Inc Cak…

They taste just like a ferrero rocher, but with a different surprise inside. Definitely a must try! Ingredients: (makes 15 cake pops) 500g of chocolate cake …
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40 Responses to “How to make Monsters Inc Cake Pops”

  1. Marlin Miranda says:

    omg its beatiful and adorabole

  2. saray pena says:

    how much would be a good price to charge for this type of cake pop for 12?
    i need help please thanks. ;}

  3. Selena Santana says:

    Cool Cake-Pops But The Music Is Gonna Drive Me Crazy. jkjk I Loved It!

  4. Yasmin Laiber says:

    Hi baby

  5. Leslie Servellon says:

    Not interested !!!

  6. Payton - Tori Woozworld - Real says:

    You could also use colored coconut shavings for the hair of Sully.

  7. Lilia Denson says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  8. MrsCakealicious says:

    I found my lime green candy melts at Michael’s Arts and crafts. But if you
    need to I would try adding 1 drop of green at a time and maybe even a
    little yellow will help. Good Luck! :)

  9. Jasmine Hernandez says:

    Hello, question. Instead of using Powdered Sugar, can you also use
    All-Purpose Flour? Or no? Please reply, thanks!

  10. Jasmine Hernandez says:

    Also, I don’t find the Lime Green melts, I can add food coloring (green)
    until I get my color right?

  11. LMSGDM says:

    Best tutorial!!! *SUBSCRIBE+

  12. Jasmine Hernandez says:

    Ok, thank you! I will be making these for July 30! Wish me luck! Lol.

  13. Mona Lisa Munoz says:

    I hate your music

  14. MrsCakealicious says:

    Hi Jasmine thanks for subscribing! I wouldn’t recommend it. It won’t taste
    too good.

  15. cakepro says:

    Great tutorial! :)

  16. Tom Cote says:

    I’ll take a dozen please…

  17. Lyndsay Wells says:

    I’m with Tom, I’ll take a dozen. Love this recipe – would be amazing to
    serve for an adult birthday party.

  18. Heart of Tarts says:

    Say it ain’t so! For years this was the only candy my sister would eat.

  19. TigerWild says:

    Sounds delicious! What would be a good replacement for the Nutela? Thank

  20. Chelsea Cameron says:

    These look absolutely delicious! (And easy to make). I’m going to try them.

  21. CookingwithKarma says:
  22. OfficialLuke says:

    Omg!! Karma – I am so making these next week!
    Happy weekend x

  23. Eduard Rijkeboer says:

    thanks….love this recipe

  24. purelisianthus says:

    u mtotivate me so much to make them but then i think of gym and leave
    it,,,hahahaa…i just eat through my

  25. nesrine belhaj says:

    *heavy breathing*

  26. yvette m says:

    If anybody has tried making this, please let me know how they turned out (:
    thanks so much !

  27. Shaylas Love says:

    Im not big on chocolate buuut i love nuts (this looks great)

  28. Vaso Do says:

    I’m in a diet and your videos always make me forget about that and just
    make more delicious stuff!!!

  29. Yamili Berenice says:

    Awesome <3

  30. Salima Benazza says:

    Eem délicieux i wish i have the ingrédients :'(

  31. moonrock199 says:


  32. Bee Alii says:

    Can you please share a recipes for the famous school dinner dessert
    favourites one being concrete cake and pink custard. Looove this recipe!!!

  33. Valerie Hincks says:


  34. FitAnge S says:

    Oh man those look heavenly! Yummmmo

  35. vasudha susarla says:

    really!!!!! this is so easy and delicious.i will try definitely em.thanks
    for recipe

  36. Letss Cook! says:

    These look soo good!!!

  37. Rachel Haynes says:

    Could I use pastshios

  38. Kristin Bailey says:

    Omg I love it! I should try this hihi, thanks Karma!

  39. Jasmine Joshi says:

    hmmm… Will definitely try.. First to comment :)

  40. samia mohamaud says:

    Thank you so much from Libya 

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