How to make owl cake pops

Check out my blog for more info, photos and tips: If you can’t find the supplies where you live, you can purchase them …
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25 Responses to “How to make owl cake pops”

  1. Estrella Cali says:

    Omg such good tutorial!!!!!!! Thanks!!!! Def subscribing. .

  2. Dominique Danse says:

    It is so many fun to watch your filmpjes I like to see more :-)

  3. Dominique Danse says:

    I like to see more videos

  4. kikiscustomcakes says:

    Very cute cake pops!! :)

  5. Paul Morrison says:

    Where can you find the colored sunflower seeds?

  6. sadiez321 says:

    How cute

  7. Jasmyne Hawkins says:

    where do you get the lolipop sticks?

  8. xx13mera7xx says:

    you can …That’s what i did and they turned out fine. =)

  9. eevee91 says:

    This was really fun to make (didn’t make owls but started simple) and
    people thought my cake pops tasted awesome! I did have some problems. The
    melt I was using seemed to dry really quick to where it was too heavy and
    some of the balls would come off (idk if maybe it needed to melt more?).
    and I found edible pens but it wasnt really working too well (i bought fine
    point). It was like a sharpie marker that’s almost about used up, if u know
    what i mean? tips?

  10. Diane Burke says:

    this was fantastic, you are not only very pretty, but clever too! great job.

  11. jennsoad24 says:

    They have colored sunflower seeds at my local hobby lobby stores by the
    cashier area and at Cracker Barrel restaurants. :) hope you have either of
    those in your area

  12. IzzyBeezBaking says:

    what if u add frosting and the crumbs wont stick together or it is not
    playdough like? what should i do?

  13. DONOTBEAHOMO says:

    @courn2011 I suggest an alternative to the edible pen if you cant find it
    lol– some melted icing and you can use a toothpick as an applicator. :)

  14. MegaHighlyflammable says:

    @strangertopeople13 EPIC we made a giant owl cake it tasted soo good, but
    stranger you didnt save me any :( 😉

  15. latasha bolden says:

    I dont know if anyone has asked this or not but what are the eyes made out
    of? And also how do you prevent the ears from melting off. Thank you

  16. Julianne Oh says:

    ur pretty clever!!

  17. leanneba15 says:

    Im not sure what candy melt wafers are, but if you need to melt chocolate
    you could just use regular cooking chocolate, they do it in pretty much any
    supermarket in the baking aisle, hope I helped :)

  18. muneera91 says:

    im in love with these cake pops <3, Thank you for your time & effort :)

  19. Misty Diffenderfer says:

    I have never seen colored sunflower seeds any suggestions or where to look
    or maybe another alternative?

  20. Myfiveperfectboys says:

    Hey can you make monkeys

  21. anonymause82 says:

    This is awesome! How long would they keep for?

  22. niamh chammings says:

    there bascily milky buttons

  23. Ella Catherine says:

    if you use brown smarties you can put wings on them. keep an eye out for my
    tutorial on them it will be out in a few days

  24. mommyanddoggy says:

    wow really cute and smart,, who ever doesnt like this video is a idiot,,
    because it is really creative…;]

  25. joybear626 says:

    How many cake pops does one box of cake mix make & how far will one bag of
    wilton chocolate melts go? Thanks, cant wait to try these for my sons bday

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