How to make pig cake pops

Check out my blog for more info, photos and tips: If you can’t find the supplies where you live, you can purchase them …

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26 Responses to “How to make pig cake pops”

  1. Carina Amador says:

    what if i can’t find pink m&ms because they’re seasonal´╗┐

  2. Queen Cleo says:

    Thanks for your tutorial… very clearly demonstrated and simple to
    make:)) Perhaps you could make a few more tutorials of animal safari –
    giraffes, zebras, lions… I’ve seen a few on the web but they’re so time
    consuming that you can’t afford to make more than 4 or 5 of each design
    which makes it impossible when you have large batches to make.´╗┐

  3. CindyCh4799 says:

    Love it!! 3,;)

  4. LlamaLlamaDiana says:

    @DessertDecorating I wish I would have known that the Wilton pens don’t
    work on the candy melts before I spent $9 on a pack.

  5. Katherine O'Toole says:

    you are very good you make them look easy and they are thank you

  6. DessertDecorating says:

    @princess15782 It really depends on the candy melt colour and brand. I find
    that sometimes I need a few tsp, whereas sometimes I need MUCH more because
    the candy melt is just too thick to work with.

  7. La Mas Bella says:

    where do u buy the editable pen from

  8. lilpoptart8 says:

    Dessertdecorating where do you get the marker

  9. Emily Ma says:

    my friend loves pigs i love your videos :)

  10. TheNaylababy says:

    You don’t really have to work fast cause you can just dab a little pink
    candy melt in the middle and put on the nose. Like you did with the eskimos
    furry hat rim..

  11. DessertDecorating says:

    @jennycwy Yes but the chocolate will take longer to dry so just be careful.

  12. LaRubiaBabii3 says:

    Thank you i’ll try it and let you know how it comes out:)

  13. Rishard Maharaj says:

    love it do hello kitty

  14. Crafty Ashley says:


  15. cpr040304 says:

    Thank you for the tip on what to use for the piggy…the piggy tail was too

  16. Elizabeth oa says:

    How did you get the ears and nose! And your great I can’t believe people
    are so sick they enjoy being bullies they have nothing better to do

  17. Bienathel de Guzman says:


  18. iCookieMonster07 says:


  19. Jane Andrade says:

    Thank you, your videos are wonderful, I’m Brazilian and my English is not
    very good, but I want to say I loved … kisses …….

  20. DessertDecorating says:

    @NIALYN07 Check your local cake decorating shops. If they don’t sell them,
    you’ll have to buy online (eg: Amazon, Cake Art, Cake Mischief, etc).

  21. alizarenee6as says:

    U suck

  22. DessertDecorating says:

    @NappynHappy81 Yes I use AmeriColor’s edible pen. I’ve tried Wilton and it
    doesn’t work at all. Same here, I also have to use a lot of oil in my
    Wilton Candy Melt to thin it out. :( I haven’t tried another brand yet, but
    Bakerella uses Merckens Candy Melt (she buys them from Cake Art). Perhaps
    Merckens has a thinner consistency than Wilton? It’s too bad none of the
    stores in my area sell that brand.

  23. NappynHappy81 says:

    Very cute! I love the details you provide. Do you use Americolor edible
    markers? I have tried Wilton and Americolor and not had a lot of luck. I
    have to use a lot of thinner for my chocolate ( paramount crystals,
    shortening) and I think it makes my coating too soft. I have to add a lot
    of oil because Wilton’s is so thick! What suggestions do you have? So many
    of the designs require using them so I want to make sure I can do so and
    make a quality pop. Thanks!

  24. hklover60 says:

    where do you get the pink m&m’s ??

  25. princess15782 says:

    How much oil would you add to thin out the candy melts?

  26. Its Just A Dream says:

    Home Made Cake Pops Without The Sticks.
    Like and Comment for more great videos!
    If you have any suggestions for potential videos comment below.´╗┐

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