How to Make Rocky Road Cake Pops like Starbucks, How to Make Cake Pops, How to Make Brownies

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How to Make Super Easy Cake Pops!

Cake pops are super easy to make and this video will show you how in five minutes! Starring Kiwi the Parrotlet.
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32 Responses to “How to Make Rocky Road Cake Pops like Starbucks, How to Make Cake Pops, How to Make Brownies”

  1. humberto cardenas says:

    your soo cute :) .

  2. Naomi Haugh says:

    they look yummy. looking the idea of rocky road cake pops.

  3. MrGustave42 says:

    Hehehehe7:57 they make me think of tiny candy melting wafers or candy melts

  4. Melissa Yip says:

    I love you April !

  5. Joséphine Lapointe says:

    Skills! Opening eggs with one hand haha

  6. Tiff B says:

    you look like the Asian version of ariana grande ;o

  7. Jada Vidal says:

    Eating one right now!! Soooo good

  8. AprilAthena7 says:

    Thank you sweet friend! 😀

  9. emma134679 says:

    take off your ring!!! lol

  10. Danielle Rocha says:

    your face is wrong.

  11. Sofiaaamichelle says:

    April, I actually like your way of making cake pops better than the so
    called “proper” way to make them. In your version, you skip the fatty
    sugary frosting so it’s slightly healthier and less sugary! Thank you for
    this recipe I look forward to making it this way in the future <3

  12. Karla Aguilar says:

    i dip the stick in chocolate first then place it into the cake ball …

  13. nat doubba says:

    woooh caps sorry haha

  14. juliebear19 says:

    looks delicious, thanks for the video!

  15. Trinity! says:

    If you don’t feel comfortable stirring sideways, you can mix it in a clear,
    glass bowl :)

  16. jjayn1 says:

    It looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  17. lilcubandiva2001 says:

    Sorry commented wrong video mom

  18. TiqhtShoes11 says:

    It is a lot easier just to add some frosting to the crumbled mixture.. If
    not you will be there all day like she was

  19. Rona Patricia Macabugao says:

    I followed your steps! I didn’t have any marshmallows and the walnuts I
    bought were too big (I forgot to chop them… My mistake). I left my
    brownie pops just by itself with chocolate covered on it. BUT they look
    great! Thank you~

  20. tiffanyjoxo says:

    u say um a lot :)

  21. hannahandkeegan says:

    olive oil or veg. oil?

  22. lunargoddess2002 says:

    Also the temperature for olive oil is hotter. Not a good idea.

  23. Lily Wanta says:

    she did a good job, whenever i make these they never turn out, they fall
    off the stick

  24. Mia B says:

    if she want use olive oil whats the big deal she never said u couldnt use
    another type -___-

  25. iliveahappylife says:

    just discovered you a few days ago. YOU ARE AMAZING :)<3

  26. Cindy Sotto says:

    Very I mean VERY UNSANITARY place to cook with a bird.

  27. Kaci Feighery says:

    I love it can’t wait to try it

  28. vanessa robles says:

    thats so unsanitary for you to allow your bird on the bowl and on you while
    making the cake pops. i hope you dont allow that while makeing them for
    others you could get someone sick

  29. Bass8Kiwi says:

    Kiwi lives in the house and is a very clean bird…he only eats seeds and
    fruits and veggies and bathes every day :)

  30. Sugar Bird says:

    So Cute !!! You look like me with my parrots lol !!!! Always on me and
    going down my shirt when I’m doing food lol so cute ^^

  31. nessconcepcion says:

    Ew. I wouldnt eat anything with a bird that close to food. Gross

  32. bambibiena says:

    It’s funny how those People have no idea how clean birds are. I bet you let
    your dog licks your face.

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