How to make: Snowman Cake Pops

This is a video on how I make Snowman CakePops. I hope you enjoy.
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Learn how to make these super easy little OPI nail polish bottle cake pops for the fashionista in your life! Team them with our cosmetic makeup cupcakes and …

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48 Responses to “How to make: Snowman Cake Pops”

  1. Bri Anna says:

    I wanna see you again…..

  2. Marissa M says:

    love these….. I collect snowmen and these are precious!

  3. cookiecrumbs1125 says:

    How do you get your coating do smooth?

  4. cookiee monster says:

    I have such a bad problem with melting chocolate white in perticular can
    you help???!!!

  5. Gina Harlan says:

    I love this tutorial!!!!! I always have trouble making the wilton candy
    melts look smooth on the cake pops…duh I need to put the cake pops in the
    fridge first! Love the easy decorating! 

  6. JSSmith4273 says:

    You can check out my video here:

  7. JSSmith4273 says:

    Your so welcome. Let me know how they come out.

  8. policewifeandmom says:

    I can not get the candy to melt thin enough. When i go to dip my cake balls
    in it doesn’t come out smooth and falls off the stick because it is so
    thick. How do I melt it so that it is smooth and comes out looking like

  9. JSSmith4273 says:

    Are you using candy melts or regular block chocolate? If you are using
    block chocolate you need to add some oil to it. You can use crisco. If you
    are using candy melts make sure they are not old. I tried using some from a
    few months ago and it was way to think. How are you melting your chocolate?
    I melt mine in the microwave 30 seconds each at 60% power. Hope this helps.

  10. iCrystal01 says:

    By the way (I know long time ago haha) these turned out AMAZING when I did
    them for Christmas 2012. Thank you so much they were a huge hit. I will
    continue to make these :)

  11. Blanca Rodriguez says:

    @hipmommy0506 I have that problem too… you can use vegetable shortening
    to thin it out. Or what I started doing is ordering merckens candy melts
    online, along with paramount crystals. These are the best candy melts, and
    taste so much better!

  12. JSSmith4273 says:

    Awe wow thanks so much.

  13. JSSmith4273 says:

    Awe good I am so glad they turned out good for you.

  14. iCrystal01 says:

    Amazing! Can’t wait to try this thank you :)

  15. MM Sklenar says:

    With those wilton icing pouches – when i put the snowman in the bag is it
    going to mess the designs up?? or does the icing harden?? LOVE this – I’m
    going to do it for my daughters class.

  16. rickybobby6964 says:

    Making these for my daughter’s winter ONEderland party!!! So excited,
    thanks sooooo much

  17. Leticia Robles says:

    The icing you use to decorate the snowman does it set pretty quickly? Once
    done I would like to cover it with a treat bag. Thank you! Loved the
    tutorial :)

  18. JSSmith4273 says:

    Thank you so much.

  19. blancaer09 says:

    Great tutorial!! These snowman cake pops are way better than any other ones
    I’ve seen, thanks for sharing :)

  20. Linda Vazquez says:

    How can i get the recipe for the cake pops

  21. JSSmith4273 says:

    Yes you have to wait AT LEAST an hour. But they will harden.

  22. dawnp15 says:

    Those are so darn cute!!

  23. aksoy kutu says:
  24. Abbie Crease says:

    Does anyone know an alternative to liquorice, as I hate the taste ;)

  25. Nail Polish Lovers Moderators says:

    Who doesn’t like cake, and who doesn’t like nail polish? How about cake in
    the shape of a nail polish? 😀 Learn how to make those cute nail polish
    bottle cake pops with this great video.
    And the plus side of these cake pops is that we can all eat them even when
    our polish is drying! Win :)

  26. Marlon Sy says:

    Great!! So taaastyyy,, but do you eat that thing on top??

  27. Nikki Lewis says:

    My most favorite treat and hobby/career combined! *floats on a cloud of
    love *

  28. Robyn Knox says:

    I made these beauties with pearl dust on them!! =D Turned out to be
    PERFECT! And I used tootsie rolls for the polish lids because a lot of
    people didn’t like the black licorice. Although, the black top looks better
    than the brown! LOVE your tutorials!

  29. elizabeth quintero says:

    How do you get the chocolate like that my is thick

  30. Ferozmin Shah says:


  31. JellyBeans22 says:
  32. Yasmin Khanom says:

    I love it cry

  33. Yasmin Khanom says:

    I saw but I don’t see mery

  34. Khyia Williams says:
  35. Savana Rodriguez says:

    It’s wired seeing her make a tutorial with that nail polish because I’m so
    used to seeing her on the bubble gum color type nail polish!!!!!!!

  36. Sean Morrisey says:


  37. XxxGlitterBabe says:

    She said she was prepared and she had already put it in the fridge but the
    second time she didn’t lol

  38. littleredsubmarine says:

    Love Mel’s channel! Been a subscriber for years.

  39. Gracious Clanton says:


  40. riieke13 says:

    Hey, schönes Video! Ich weiß, dass das Video ein englisches ist, aber ich
    würde mich freuen wenn, du wenn du etwas erklärst, etwas langsamer sprechen
    würdest. Für mich ist das etwas schwer dabei etwas zu verstehen. Lg

  41. Tara Daniel says:

    Cute nails hun… Well hope u have a awesome easter… Happy Easter 😀

  42. Ellen Toribio says:

    Or just mushrooms

  43. weeklysugar says:

    I’ll make these for my friends birthday next week! Thanks so much for the

  44. BrigitteClare2525 says:

    You might be able to use a tootsie roll? or something similar… or just
    don’t eat the licorice :)

  45. Nintendoland1 says:

    your speakers must be loud then.

  46. jessie beaumont says:

    Can u do a lipstick cake pop please

  47. momocakeweirdo says:

    I love your channel

  48. wereweonly1234 says:

    Can you do a horse cake,cupcakes or cakepops

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