How to Make Valentine’s Day Cake Pops!

Hi guys! These Valentine’s Day cake pops are super adorable, and I’ll share with all my secrets to super smooth candy coating for easy dipping! I love the ta…

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25 Responses to “How to Make Valentine’s Day Cake Pops!”

  1. kawaiisweetworld says:

    New video up! These Valentine’s Day cake pops are an adorable treat for the
    14th, and they’re a great start for anyone who has never made cake pops
    before! I’ll also share with you my trick for super smooth candy coating
    :-) Enjoy!

  2. SimplyBakings says:

    The heart cake pops were so cute! I thought it would be harder to make,
    but it wasn’t hard to make at all! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Aki Kazuka says:

    Can I dye my white candy melts?I just bought a small container of them and
    was wondering if I could dye it with gel food colouring after melting

  4. fantasyxmimi says:

    if you don’t have that chocolate thinner thingy, you can also ad vegetable
    oil to thin it out ;3

  5. LadyAllegra55 says:

    I bet those candy melts are a pain to clean out of the glass afterwards.
    That’s the only thing keeping me from trying this since I’m the one who has
    to clean the dishes -_-

  6. LPS LOLdickens says:


  7. Matokiie says:

    i keep on thinking that ur saying kpop instead of cakepop ._.

  8. Michelle Tudo says:

    Can u use bread crumbs??!

  9. iizdauntless says:

    Rachel! These are amazing! I can’t wait to try them out! 

  10. Gillian Dickson says:

    I seen the cake pop holder at target today

  11. BunnyBunBun04 says:

    Thank you! I might make this for Valentine day and give it to my friends!

  12. AishahPolymer Clay says:

    Wow! I’m making these!

  13. Tiny Penguins says:

    So cute gona make them!!

  14. peacefitnesspassion says:

    Great idea! I always thought I had to buy the cake pop baking pan set but
    now I can make them without the pan!☺️

  15. Jamie Santana says:

    Can I use whipped cream

  16. 2SuperCrazyKidz says:

    +KawaiiSweetWorld awesome video please make French Macarons shaped like
    hello kitty thanks!!!:D:D:D

  17. kpoplover72able says:

    even the holder is a heart <3

  18. David Rodriguez says:

    Nice!! where i can get that sticks?

  19. josselyne martinez says:

    did anyone else find her voice annoying? good video though!

  20. Kateleen A says:

    i remember trying to make cake pops with one of your older tutorials (which
    was an amazing tutorial and very well explained) but when i made mine, the
    spheres of the cake ended up having a lot of cracks in it. (do you know
    what i couldve done wrong?) and i also had trouble with the dipping with
    the candy melts and all. its either, my microwave doesnt heat them
    correctly or they dry up too fast. i remember having an extremely thick
    goopy paste of white candy melts that had noticeable chunks of the candy in
    it. they also started to dry up after i attempted to coat one of the cake
    pops. the melts couldnt even cover the cake because it was so dried up and
    since the cake part was cracked it aimply fell apart. i also dont think i
    melted them long enough and i did not try to thin it. im still trying to
    figure out what i did wrong though. ((very thankful that i found out that
    you can thin your candy melts, thank you for this tutorial haha))

  21. LuckyBumblebee says:

    OH YES, that’s how I’m gonna spend my Valetine’s Day LOL

  22. nylee03 says:

    I made cake pops and I wanted to share with you but I’m too young for

  23. Amanda Toh says:

    Can anybody tell me if I can use normal chocolate? Pleasepleaseplease ttym!

  24. Adrianna Santiago says:

    Good job !!

  25. SweetMochiCreations says:

    I LOVE cake pops! Looking forward to making some Valentine’s cake pops
    myself ^.^

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