Illusion Cake Pops! Gravity Defying Ice Cream Syrup Cakepops – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Learn how to make these gravity defying ice cream cake pops with suspended syrup bottles pouring sauce all over the ice cream cake pop below – Simple and gor…
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25 Responses to “Illusion Cake Pops! Gravity Defying Ice Cream Syrup Cakepops – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial”

  1. Bubble Fam says:


  2. croutoncrackerjacks says:

    These are fantastic Elise!! I love how they look so much more complicated
    than they really are. Brilliant!

  3. Chef Kendra Nguyen says:

    These cake pops are very cool. Crowds would definitely stop and try and
    figure out how these guys were created.

  4. Hells Belle says:

    Sorry, I have to ask, what exactly was the cake made of? I have been trying
    to think but cant think of anything that would taste nice raw…lol


    ps, thinking this will be a good idea for my Cubs cooking badge…;-)

  5. Hachi Cherryblomm says:

    Pocky ;D
    I so gotta try making these somaday. 

  6. pukkiepowerful says:

    1.000 like

  7. Emma Southwick says:

    We need some Kittys on a big cupcake:-) !!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. angi rodrigez says:


  9. Valeria Rodriguez says:

    Little and little!

  10. Brenda Jarmusz says:

    I am definitely doing this, I love it!!!! :-) Have a great day Elise.

  11. Suzanna G says:

    Amazing! These will be PERFECT treats for my Harry Potter themed birthday!

  12. Ssimmons1983 says:

    How small is the edible image?

  13. Chantal Hobmaier says:

    cheese is good!

  14. rosie taylor says:


  15. Shannon Baxter says:

    Good Job

  16. Amanda Downing says:

    Looks great !!! 

  17. Emily Davenport says:

    Do you use white choc. ganache for your funfetti cake balls as a binder or
    plain buttercream? 

  18. Ashley Bernabe says:

    Mycupcakeaddiction Valentine day is coming why don’t u make a pull-apart
    cupcake heart that might be great for your channel 

  19. alexis blossom says:

    I love the way she says pop ball. 

  20. Kelsie Edwards says:

    I love noveltys like a lot. The lego cupcakes are really cool to I can’t
    wait to watch the video I will probably make the lego ones for my brothers
    birthday next year if he lets me. after v day you could even do nerf cake
    pops now that would be awesome!

  21. Michelle Alvarez says:

    Very creative and i just love your videos! Thank youuuu! Ps. Im a new
    subscriber and im not going anywhere LOL

  22. Clawdeenlover2 says:

    Pocky, (p-oh-key)

  23. Sarah Losberg says:

    I dont really like taste of to much fondant so what could i use instead?

  24. Lauren Kassin says:

    You always make the most amazing cupcakes cake pops and cakes EVER

  25. drawtacular says:

    2:09 that’s what she said!!!!! Hahhahahahaha this was a coll tutorial thank

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