Instructions: Manual cutting template for Slice of Birthday Cake (0023) pop-up card Betty Crocker and help you create a fun robot cake that’s all decked out with Fruit by the Foot® snack and …

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25 Responses to “Instructions: Manual cutting template for Slice of Birthday Cake (0023) pop-up card”

  1. Tohan Stover says:

    That is cool

  2. Rachel Hernandez says:


  3. Karen Chua says:


  4. femz23 says:

    that is sooo much frosting, YUCK!!!

  5. Gracie Schmitt says:

    Wow good for you

  6. mrsbaghdad 82 says:

    I mean antanas

  7. Yara Jeries says:

    those licuorices they used for the hands are twizzlers
    im having some right now

  8. Starr Savvan says:

    Vv bnjghmbvehkcdguigghigffddghjj

  9. Julia Muir says:

    That is not twizlers

  10. mrsbaghdad 82 says:

    What are Antananarivo

  11. Julia Muir says:

    Twizlers taste discusting

  12. Joydeep Majumdar says:

    why didn’t you chill it?

  13. Canalave Maiden says:

    @LindseysPerspective actually, I like minimal frosting. :) maybe… like 2
    or 3 centimeters is perfect…

  14. Hayley Woonfat says:

    Minecraft cake

  15. erinc2000 says:

    It’s not secret. You can tell. It’s so obvious. Plus Laurie couldn’t
    decorate to save her life

  16. famousx says:

    Putting those M&M’s on the cake was the most work I’ve ever seen Laurie do!

  17. farhath ayisha says:


  18. Seamonkeys222 says:

    mmnnn i could just eat this all up, i dnt think them 2 like each other

  19. vgnrace says:

    you must like candy and sweets

  20. Theresa Nguyen says:

    Hey! Does anyone realize how long it takes for them to do the first one and
    by the first I mean the cake in the beginning of the video? Thumbs up if
    you agree

  21. Kaykay10393 says:

    Awesome cake, but Never Ever give this to kids unless you want to deal with
    kids that are on a sugar high, lol

  22. Layla Arshad says:

    Can u make a zombie cake plz

  23. KatCrafts'N'Games1233 says:

    Skip the cake, frosting + candy= BRUNNER (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  24. EAFFAEEAF says:

    @Cujoneedsabandaid yeah, but if she said “transformers” Hasbro would sue.

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