Kawaii Heart Cake Pops

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25 Responses to “Kawaii Heart Cake Pops”

  1. ElaineMokk says:

    Can I be your valentines date? LOL. Make me food <3 hehehe

  2. SilentAnonymity says:

    Love that you showed the version with the moulds and without them. So
    considerate for your viewers without one! :D

  3. Cynthia Gee says:

    You did such an amazing job on these! You explained so well and made it
    simple enough to understand (: keep videos like these coming. ❤

  4. rosaliesaysrawr says:

    you don’t know how hungry I got when you sent me the clip xD haha
    Love You! :*

  5. NamiiCho says:

    They look delicious ! Though Valentine’s passed, it’s such a great gift
    idea and so cute TvT

  6. meriem omar says:

    Those cake pops make me hungry, the intro song pleeeezzz

  7. Thundercast Tech says:

    I like watching your videos, it makes me feel so patethic.

  8. hellokittiex3 says:

    Omg your baking videos are always so creative! The cake pops look so tasty

  9. genuineangel says:

    Wow these look so good. You’re baking skills are so super amazing. I wish I
    can make cake pops like you. Unfortunately when making cake pops I always
    ended up dropping the actual cake ball into the candy melt. Do you have any
    tips preventing them from falling? I would really appreciate it. Btw your
    bf is one lucky man to have a beautiful and multi-talented girl like you <3

  10. MissKorea99 says:

    WOW THIS IS PERFECT! You’re so good at baking too please do more baking
    videos! It’s such a good gift idea except i only have “friends” to give to

  11. Yuffel Cheerio says:

    You have a boyfriend, right? Maybe I’ll make them on my own..

  12. ALEX.DA.DIVA says:

    I love your videos so much!!!

  13. Wanda Huang says:

    Can we see your macaron recipe next? :)

  14. Anastasia Lee says:

    So easy! Definitely doing this! 😀 

  15. Su Xu says:

    I really love your baking videos! Please do more of them! You make it so
    cute und easy for some ppl who can’t bake or btw destroy the whole
    kitchen… like me… may the crepe cake was a bit too hard for me…

  16. LittleDeadlyVoices says:

    Your baking videos are the best!

  17. Shelly Yang says:

    Love your videos!

  18. thesubbingunicorn says:

    So cute !!!! Love it! 

  19. icestars5555 says:

    macarons ?! could you show us how to make those too ?

  20. xoAnimeFreakrawr says:

    Baking videos are my fave so I’d love to see more! These are so cute! 

  21. Else Encabo says:

    I’d love to see how you make macaroons !! Loved this cake pop idea!

  22. Harlow Wrenn says:

    These look so amazingly delicious o3o <3

  23. Yan Tong says:

    may i know whats the first song? thanks!

  24. Camille Chameleon says:

    Love baking videos!

  25. simplyjennav says:

    Cute idea! Looks so good too!

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