Kids Ultimate Easy Bake Oven Cake Pops Recipe

Ultimate easy bake oven recipe for cake pops. Join Liya from the stashies in her easy bake oven kitchen. Check out my other easy bake oven video: http://yout…
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25 Responses to “Kids Ultimate Easy Bake Oven Cake Pops Recipe”

  1. Sahil Marjara says:

    She is so cute

  2. Dani Lopez says:

    The kid is so cute

  3. Lenny Guner says:

    You are so cute and good job on the baking♡!!!

  4. Alyssa Lovan says:

    Great job!!! How much did she scoop up in measurements :-) 

  5. Sheila Peraza says:

    Why did you get a black easy bake insted then a purple one?

  6. Rythm Bhogal says:

    who are you looking at??? ;(

  7. Samantha Alejandro says:

    She’s so cute! :) And very adorable.

  8. Betta Playz says:

    Oh gosh I accidentally putted the volume up while the intro was on, OMG!!!!

  9. Victor Gordillo says:

    A grow up does what

  10. prochr says:

    I better try this when I get an easy bake oven

  11. Hannah Nguyen says:

    You are so cute.Those look so good i want to try one.

  12. Mayra Cruz says:

    OMG this was adorable

  13. Andrey Gladysh says:

    Ultimate easy bake oven recipe for cake pops

  14. Ike Ojielo says:

    The fact is the only thing that I can see it in the morning 

  15. Jeanette Diaz says:


  16. Idelka Rodriguez says:

    You are wonderful

  17. Joce says:

    I have the same easy bake oven as you!! 

  18. Danny Munoz says:

    Mmmm Qué guapo el gato miauuu

  19. Lindsey Breault says:

    How old is she

  20. How does this thing work? ⁉️ says:

    Love her voice 

  21. almanza sisters says:

    She’s cute

  22. aniya cooper says:

    i liked it

  23. WickedLilLadyXoX:) says:

    She is so cute!

  24. Jayda murphy says:

    i agree

  25. Tony Wilson says:

    I love your videos!!!!

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