Magic Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT chocolate fondant Ann Reardon

Magic Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT chocolate fondant Ann Reardon

Recipe: Subscribe: This is a modern take on a Molten Chocolate Lava Cake channel: I am not a big fan of the half…
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25 Responses to “Magic Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Recipe HOW TO COOK THAT chocolate fondant Ann Reardon”

  1. Olivia Nicole says:

    I dont even watch to learn how to make it I watch because the food is
    bootiful :’)

  2. Tom L says:

    love how she says aluminum, sounds so exotic

  3. Becky Collins says:

    Magic Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Recipe

    #chocolatecake #chocolate #cakerecipes #Lavacake 

  4. Grayson Jones says:

    Went from gmod and gaming videos to watch mojo to buzz feed to art to
    finally, this

  5. Super Arab says:

    i can cook that with my hands behind my back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Pranayy Kar says:

    The moment I saw the chocolate lava drop into the center..just like a
    volcano vent.. i was just like.. “AAA… WHAT!!!” Cool one! Subscribed!

  7. wakaka2waka says:

    I just found the reason why I watch her videos. She has really good
    family-like classic presentation almost like a family afternoon TV show +
    her accent and voice gives her this very friendly neighbour-y or
    mother-like impression. It makes you feel like you’re a 5 year old kid
    waiting for her (your mum) to present you with some sweet deserts and
    treats during the summer.

    It feels very nice.

  8. Anna Banana says:

    I could watch her for daaaaays. Apart of me wants to accomplish something
    epic solely to receive one of her megaginormous chocolate replicas. Ha! A
    girl can dream, can’t she?

  9. Lizeth Ortiz says:

    how many people does this recipe feeds??? please answer im thinking of
    making it for valentines day for my mom !!!!!!!!

  10. Kate Bloemke says:

    I love this channel! I love looking and learning how to do this even though
    I probably can’t! I luv these vids and I can’t stop watching!

  11. 小百合 says:

    you’re very good at explaining! i made some of these for my mother and she
    adored them! thanks so much! i’m totally subscribing and i look forward to
    trying out some of your other recipes.

  12. Jake Fear says:

    I Ann I’m really tempted to make this and I was just wondering if I can use
    sweetened cocoa powder instead of that wine you used in the video

  13. AllasYummyFood says:

    Hello everyone! Great video! Please help me reach 6,000 subscribers! I love
    cooking and baking! I would appreciate your help! :) xxx

  14. Hannah Frank says:

    I love backing, so I tried this out and it was super awesome!!! Thanks so
    much!! I love you Ann!!! You’re my inspiration! 

  15. Chaimaa Mardi says:

    Hello thank u for such a wonderful receipe but can ask you pleaze, can I
    use oil insted of butter???

  16. Erin Hubbard says:

    I LOVE THIS RECIPE I TRIED IT!!!!!!!!! ok so mine did not lok like ures it
    wasent as awesome and sorry about the bad spelling I spriened my ryst but
    thanks soooo much it was the moast fun thing ever you rock Ann

  17. Jazmin Barrios says:

    Is the wine OK for children to eat?

  18. Lauren Brown says:

    I did this and blew my family away when I put the chocolate on top. They
    loved it. thanks

  19. TheCreeperRedstone says:

    I may or may not have drooled during this…….

  20. Alyana Noelle Castillo says:

    I have been watching this over and over and over again. I have seriously
    watched this 20 times. One time I couldn’t even watching it with this bug
    that wouldn’t let me. Once the bug was fix I watched it over and over

  21. yaad rahman says:

    Subscribed after I saw this video omg how do you cook/bake so well

  22. Reefaal Alhamazani says:

    Do you have to use masala ? I am Muslim I can’t drink wine.

  23. Holly Broomhead says:

    Does she do voice overs

  24. Monty Muffin says:

    Ugh…. I want that cake so bad!

    But I’m too lazy to make it!


  25. Madison McGrail says:

    Do we have to add the extra chocolate on the top?

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