Make FUNFETTI Cake Pops! A Rainbow of Sprinkles Inside & Out! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Learn how to make these gorgeous FUN-FETTI Cakepops with funfettin on the inside as well as on the outside! Full recipe included details below. SUBSCRIBE for…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn how to make these Dumb Ways to Die cake pops at home! Super cute (although a little dumb) this song has been stuck in my head for weeks so it was only …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Make FUNFETTI Cake Pops! A Rainbow of Sprinkles Inside & Out! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial”

  1. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Today I’m making FUNFETTI Cakepops! Recipe for the inside and decorations
    for the outside :)

  2. Eat East Indian says:

    Beautiful.. Another fun and creative tutorial. thanks for sharing!

  3. Gricel Alcantar says:

    Going to try this

  4. angie handy says:

    Can’t wait for the unicorns and rainbow ones!! I love unicorns so much!

  5. Zehra says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this colorful cake-pop tutorial with us. Sure
    going to try this and now I know how to store the mixture for the next

  6. Ruby Ady says:

    Hello I made these and instead of funfetti I used Poping Candy

  7. Brenda Jarmusz says:

    Hello my sweet friend Elise, and also a hello to Choppa. Lol I saw that
    Choppa peeked in down in the comments below. You guys are a riot. Anyway I
    just wanted to say AWESOME JOB AS USUAL ELISE!!!!! You seriously have the
    best channel on the tube. I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly
    enjoyed your tutorial on the cupcakes with the starfish and octopus etc.
    They were absolutely adorable as always. I also have to agree with your
    comment about when you love what you do it hardly seems like work. Its so
    so true. Oh for all of your fans in the state’s that asked where you can
    get the cute straws, they have them at Michaels craft store and joanne’s
    craft store and hobby lobby. They run anywhere from 1-3 dollars. I have
    been teaching some basic fondant modeling to my students and I thought it
    would be awesome if you could show your viewers how to do some cute, easy
    modeling with fondant, you always make it look soooooooooooooooooooooo easy
    lol. Thank you again Elise for a job well done. You are the best!!! :-) 

  8. Aarathi P says:

    I love how u shape the balls really round 

  9. shania chen says:

    Frozen cake

  10. Tania Fernandes says:

    This is lovely
    Love your work :)

  11. Elena Sabim says:

    Where did you get the lolly pop sticks from?

  12. Andy Davies says:

    Love making cake pop the easiest way I find to crumb a cake is to stick it
    in the food processor crumbs it in seconds 😀 I use the same method to
    make breadcrumbs when I make burgers 

  13. Cupcakes and more says:

    Try to make some one direction cupcakes please but for beginners without
    using fontant just frosting plz plz plz

  14. Amna Tariq says:

    This is sooooo good I love it and its soo easy

  15. Gresa Elshani says:

    You should make a giant cakepop that would be so cool

  16. Vampy Bitez says:

    I was just wondering but how much icing do you put in exactly? What’s the
    standard measure for cake pops? Could someone please answer this question?
    Please and thank you :)

  17. Jaffa Cakes says:

    OMG! i love you so much

  18. Sima B says:


  19. jiajiakai says:

    I love your videos! Thank you ❤️

  20. Jessica Eyre says:


  21. Ellie Udy says:


  22. Claire N. says:

    I LOVE watching your videos! You have so many creative ideas and always
    explain things very well.

  23. Carida Monteiro says:

    Can u make dumdum lollipop cakepops

  24. Tiffanie Dewick says:

    Hope you feel better. Loved this vid. Friend of mine is having a baby in a
    few months and doesn’t want to go pink crazy. This is a perfect solution. 

  25. Caremi C says:

    I like your new profile picture and I love how these look like!!! So cute!

  26. pinkninjagirl903 says:

    I love this and the game

  27. Emma Pantling says:

    Throughout this whole video I was humming the DWTD Tune

  28. Emma Pantling says:


  29. Britney Horn says:

    Gg hubby 

  30. Joaquin Mancilla says:

    I love you

  31. Livy Dean says:

    Cute! I love this! Are you a baker?

  32. Leah Oldfield says:

    Wtf (welcome to facebook)!

  33. AMBER TILLEY says:

    how could you not eat them already?

  34. Attila von Sanktlorenz says:

    These cakes are awesome! I like Dumb Ways to Die so much! I’ll ask my Mom
    to make these cute little sweets! Thank you so much, MyCupcakeAddiction for
    sharing us this fantastic tutorial! :) A DWTD fan from Hungary

  35. Ashvini Dolamulla says:

    cute dwtd

  36. Bobby Duane says:


  37. joyce zhang says:

    i love the dumb ways to die game

  38. Rosa Sanchez says:

    Could you please make a littlest pet shop cake or something please it will
    help a lot ?

  39. Mary Tomlinson says:


  40. music says:

    omg I love that adorbes add

  41. Leah Oldfield says:

    Wtf (welcome to facebook)!

  42. Caitlin Fenton says:

    You should do youtube cupcakes

  43. sof pash says:

    Should have got

  44. Zoe rainbowskittles says:

    You should do a sequel like make a medicine bottle a bear a flame and a
    giant piranha

  45. Georgia Laidlaw says:

    i subbed 

  46. ClareMarie Slakey says:

    i bet she eats them

  47. Awais Mohammad says:

    i will hit like for every video you do because you are the best baker
    and the dumb ways to die cakepops are so cute.

  48. rolo197502 says:

    every color you can emagin esept red

  49. Delucs100 says:

    When you said “Hello” you sounded like the Skype voice machine

  50. Hubert Forcadilla says:

    Today’s your birthday dananh

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