Make LOVE HEART Cake Pops – A Cupcake Addiction How To Decorating Tutorial

Make LOVE HEART Cake Pops - A Cupcake Addiction How To Decorating Tutorial

Learn how to make these beautiful Love Heart Cakepops – The perfect romantic sweet treat for Valentines Day, Mothers Day or just to say I Love you to someone…
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25 Responses to “Make LOVE HEART Cake Pops – A Cupcake Addiction How To Decorating Tutorial”

  1. MarrceloMan says:

    I made them. They where sooooo good I cant even explaine

  2. T Ramos says:

    How many hearts can you make out of the cake mix?

  3. mango peach says:

    Cofer?? Crisco???

  4. littleghurrl says:

    how do you get the candy melts so smooth because when i did it by following
    the directions its just wasnted smooth and it was such a disaster

  5. char hernandez says:

    thanks for sharing this. love it

  6. Gloria Diaz says:

    What type of crisco product did you use

  7. Sabrina Rees says:

    Hi where can you buy the bags from Please Reply Thanks :)

  8. Russell James says:


  9. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    They are actually called candy melts -there are a few brands but “Wilton”
    is the most popular. They are bright buttons of coloured chocolate & they
    melt just like white chocolate- you can use white chocolate and just add
    your own colour (but use colour paste, not liquid colour, and only add a
    little bit as if you add to much moisture, in can ruin your chocolate) –
    this is great for paler colours like yellow, pink, light blue. The darker
    colours (black, red, green) really need to be these melts.

  10. nieblanegra says:


  11. B Wake says:

    i love your videos!

  12. Carol J. Weeks says:

    Cant wait to make them!!! thank you :)

  13. Sorayah99 says:

    So Cute

  14. MrsMusicandy13 says:

    Cute 😀

  15. Sally Smith says:

    How much Crisco should be used in the Candy Melts?

  16. Maz A says:

    They look amazing! I ordered a cake pop mold and tried to decorate them,
    (used cadbury melting chips) but they came out really blotchy and they were
    so heavy my cake pops nearly feel into the chocolate while trying to cover
    them! Is the crisco what makes the difference? or my chocolate? Yours look
    so perfect!

  17. AliBell70 says:

    Red candy melts? What are they and were would get them from? I live on the
    GCoast as well?

  18. Amy Hock says:

    Such a cute idea I will make these all for my friends for valentines day.
    Did you use a box cake or a home recipe if so how many dose it make?

  19. lance calderon says:

    I like xx ok

  20. CupcakeIdeasForYou says:

    These are easy cake pops recipe! Would love to try this on special date.

  21. monicat101 says:

    Why did you do black cake? Haha

  22. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Hi Linda – I’ll pop the link in the description for this video :) And there
    is a Santa cake pop that went up about 2 weeks ago – he’s very cute – You
    must have had ESP I think I would have been filming it when you were typing
    this comment! xx

  23. Ale Vazquez says:

    What ir the red dip??’ candy melts? what type of candy???

  24. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Thank you so much!

  25. MsHollywoodluv says:

    lovely !

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