Make Unicorn Cake Pops! How to decorate a Rainbow Unicorn Cakepop by Cupcake Addiction

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25 Responses to “Make Unicorn Cake Pops! How to decorate a Rainbow Unicorn Cakepop by Cupcake Addiction”

  1. So Crafty says:

    Something horse relatedvplease

  2. Benjamin Venzor says:

    Can you please make a Frozon cake pop. 

  3. Amber Rose Aiken says:

    Toby is adorable.

  4. Noya Bonshtein says:

    Ughhh sooo many work for one cakepop!! i don’t know if i can do it, but
    they look amazing!

  5. Alberto torres says:

    esta genielas las turistykas k esan ee…

  6. isabella santovenia says:

    More unacorn

  7. Discorded Apple "Muffinz" Jack says:

    I bet youll love *eating* toby/tobie too!!

  8. 13mAJ says:

    oh my gosh so cute!!!!
    im actuay not a fan of cake pops.. but maybe there is another way i can
    make the same thing just not cake poppy XD

  9. iTaylorLover1 says:

    Coups you make a rainbow unicorn pull apart cake

  10. Natalie Holmes says:

    Make a pizza on a stick

  11. Courtney Fernando says:

    where do you get candy corn in australia!!!?

  12. Valerie Jividen says:

    i think all your ideas are awesome!! and this idea will be awesome for
    national unicorn day!! btw it is a real day,its April 9th

  13. darum says:

    O, i forgot: uuuunnnniiiiiicccccoooooorrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnn!!! <3

  14. Tiddles Widdles says:

    Dang it I wish they had a Narwhal one :/ :|

  15. Gabby Cruz says:

    Yay unicorns :3:3:3:3:3:3:3):):);)

  16. imAshotgunner says:

    Ok alot of people might not post this but can u please teach me how to make
    a iceing filled giant cupcake? 

  17. darum says:

    How can you eat ALL this things?? Cool idea

  18. Fatbibidog Jess says:


  19. Sharon Kolodynski says:

    Have you made any my little pony cake pops???? I love your work. 

  20. MrsSteponya says:

    I love my little pony. too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Allyson rojas says:

    Did you eat Toby or preserve him

  22. Kalua Kalua says:

    I wonder if you had made a cake to look like unicorn? Try it I have -:)

  23. Winifredღ says:


  24. Fatima Jaffry says:

    i wish i lived in australia to get all those icings and everything :'(

  25. Amber Sconce says:

    Love it ! It’s soooo cute !

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