Making Cake Pops

Anh makes dark chocolate cake pops.…

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25 Responses to “Making Cake Pops”

  1. Lim Sue Yin says:

    Where can get the baby cake pop machine ? Tq

  2. حلقات باربي says:

    نعمومه يا بي 

  3. Sandra Show says:

    hands down the best chocolate cake recipe! rich, moist and decadent. thank
    you for sharing. i love your videos, so real to life with kids and family

  4. Dj Scot says:

    dring trays

  5. Dj Scot says:

    how did you get 2

  6. Meyle Espinoza says:

    u r suppose to dip the tip of the stick in chocolate first and then put it
    in the cake its self 

  7. katherine martinez says:

    can i use this recipe for cake and cupcakes?

  8. Liz Hill says:


  9. Preethi NP says:

    y r u adding vinegar? can I use this without vinegar to make chocolate

  10. alien198320 says:

    Can i use unsalted butter to replace olive oil ?

  11. nidhi khanna says:

    I have a cake pop bake tin. Can you suggest a recipe to use in that. Thanks

  12. Anh Hoang says:

    That’s great! Thanks for the comment. I’ll see if I can put the chocolate
    cake pop recipe on the blog.

  13. Miss Lori says:

    I really enjoy your tutorials! I have to make 150 cake pops for my sister
    baby shower and I was wondering how to get the icing to look smoothed…I
    see now that i was using the wrong kind of icing and that I need to get
    candy Melts! Thanks for your help…now I feel pretty secure about making

  14. Kim Vu says:

    You are brilliant!!!

  15. monshi gtz says:

    where can i buy that cake pop machine in mexico??? I want it!!

  16. Victoria Bennett says:

    Does it have to be babycakes brand

  17. Anh Hoang says:


  18. Kendal Drysdale says:

    I love your red kitchen aid mixer!!!!

  19. anonymoushakespeare says:

    were did you get the awsome purple cake pops maker?

  20. D- Jessiecake s says:

    Helle Anh, Thanks for the video. Pls what if am not using cacoa powder, how
    many flour can i add to it. Than’k alots. Jessie.

  21. ilov3gummibears says:

    wow urs came out PERFECT

  22. crazy4crafts says:

    How much of the balsamic vinegar do you suggest using

  23. Timothy Chan says:

    How come when I make them it becomes flat on the top? I filled the cake pop
    maker about the same you did.

  24. Kendal Drysdale says:

    Thanks for the video!! :) very helpful

  25. Arlena R says:

    great! Thanks!!

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