Mickey Mouse Cakepops! Learn How To Make Mickey Cake pops – A Cupcake Addiction Tutorial

Mickey Mouse Cakepops! Learn How To Make Mickey Cake pops - A Cupcake Addiction Tutorial

M-I-C-K-E-Y Mouse! Adorable, easy Mickey Mouse cakepops made with basic ingredients! If you love this tutorial, SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss our Minnie Mouse …
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Hello Kitty Cakepops! Make Hello Kitty as a Cake pop! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Learn how to make these gorgeous Hello Kitty cake pops, complete with little Hello Kitty dress! — See below for FREE template — SUBSCRIBE to MyCupcakeAddi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Mickey Mouse Cakepops! Learn How To Make Mickey Cake pops – A Cupcake Addiction Tutorial”

  1. janeth lopx says:

    Very cute, tanks 

  2. Tala Talal says:

    Like it

  3. Kyi'Anna McAffee says:

    that look so good love watching this

  4. kayla ayan says:

    How did u make the bow for Minnie? 

  5. Carolina mastroliani says:

    cakes keep up the good work and you’l still be

  6. sue koumphon says:

    I love all your videos. Can you please make the Muppets?

  7. Brooke Zarubin says:

    I watch you all the time! I love your draw my life video! Keep up the good
    work my cupcake addiction!! 

  8. Virginia Reyes says:

    Love all your videos,but you speak too fast…;p

  9. Nancy Pechinski says:

    here is a use for all the cake scraps from Wilton Course 1 classes

  10. Carolina mastroliani says:

    #1 cup

  11. RageAssassins says:


  12. Negar Shahbaz says:

    Sooooooo very cute and neat! <3

  13. Gemali Barrientos says:

    I will definitely try these! this is GREAT,

  14. Miss Amanda's world says:

    they have no face

  15. uaqtpi says:

    Sooo qt

  16. Tegann Cranney says:

    awesome. Were would you get candy melts in Ireland?

  17. Emm Kay says:

    u can use giant chocolate buttons for the ears

  18. Pinky pink says:

    why in recipes with oreos do you always scrape off the cream?

  19. Oliv Taborda says:

    You can buy them at any cake decorating store! I live in Ontario and I had
    the same problem… You can also buy them at any bulk store! Hope I helped!

  20. Areeba choudhry says:

    I see you have completed my request thanks sooooooooo much 😉

  21. ashleylovesme91 says:


  22. brynglove00 says:

    happy birthday to him.

  23. MegaGumiMegpoid says:

    I know..the middle part is the best! I’d love to see something made with
    loads of the white from the oreos.

  24. tae tae says:

    candy melt is like candy but it is may just for cooking and candy melt can
    be microwave. candy melt can be found at Michaels craft store

  25. lif3isadanc3flo0r says:

    omg these are amazing!

  26. ChiquiBattyLove says:

    I’ve made Hello Kitty cake pops but always added chocolate chips as the
    ears so I wanted to try it the way you made them, by just pinching the
    ears& I liked the shape better than with the chocolate chips. Thank you
    sooooo much for being so inspirational. I can’t wait to make the Totoro
    cake pops!

  27. Dreah Gaffney says:

    I thought hello kitty had a bow?

  28. Miny Ho says:

    I love hello kitty

  29. Paul Crossland says:

    Can someone give me some advice, I am mixing my crumbled cake with frosting
    and putting in the fridge to set, however when it comes to dipping it in
    the chocolate the cake call falls off the stick. Can you tell me why this
    may be happening please. Thanks Hayley

  30. Yasmin Khanom says:

    I saw the hello kitty cupcake vid

  31. Rodolfo Flores says:

    cool hello kitty cake pops

  32. lourdes saldana says:

    i love it, i wanna see more videos!!!!

  33. Elias Reyes says:

    Do yo like hello kitty!

  34. Eduard Agapay says:


  35. Rothy Hau says:

    How to make a cake on a cake

  36. y34gunzwifey says:


  37. liliana auza says:


  38. Jamie Cotton says:

    Love it!!

  39. CTJJMM says:

    Good cooking

  40. Rima Zelbiene says:


  41. Cookierific says:

    More cupcakes!!:3

  42. quratasad086 says:

    Cs4 Z AS TAX

  43. ROXANA LOPEZ says:


  44. Jada Chung says:

    U got me thinking u making cake

  45. Haleema Kamran says:

    Too cool

  46. Awatif Rajab says:

    Sooooo cut

  47. Hafsa siddiqui says:

    hello kitty does have a bow but I think she is copying the picture

  48. Awatif Rajab says:

    Sooooo cute

  49. mangopc says:

    Cause she copy the picture beacuse she is making the same cakepop

  50. mangopc says:

    So. Coolllll

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