Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that’s just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for mi…

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  1. Jared Montgomery says:

    Jason, your cooking tutorial videos are amazing, I cook and create new
    things all the times and I also cook some of the recipes that you show how
    to make. You inspire me to become a chef! Keep up the GREAT and AMAZING

  2. Amelias blog says:

    A nother great bake 

  3. Candygirl20000 says:

    Brilliant. I hope to use this recipe (Without m&ms, because I don’t like
    chocolate in most cases) to share with my family. My brother thinks that
    Cookie dough is the best part of cookies, so this will be amazing for him.

  4. Sdr Zubaidi says:

    The way you hit your head XD LOL!

  5. BlueBelleTV says:

    do we need to bake it?

  6. Office Johnny Briscoe says:

    YUM! :)

  7. Meria Ibrahim says:

    Y do u eat like that

  8. marie alexander says:

    is vanilla essence vanilla estract?

  9. Michael Soteras says:

    Dont hit your head to much you will get a concussion. LOL :)

  10. DIYbarbieluv says:

    Would it work if I add food coloring?????????????? 

  11. Keely Harper says:

    Food porn right there! Hahah

  12. jodi5970 says:

    That is so funny at the end lol

  13. Zack Booth says:

    You live on the central coast??!

  14. Steven Still says:

    You stole my recipe

  15. Kanga Does says:

    Wait,do u live on the central coast?

  16. Slayer pvp says:

    Could you get staminela or however you spell it from the cookie dough?

  17. nina noble says:

    I love your videos u make cooking So simple but so friggin easy an good
    thanks keep them coming cant get enough make my mouth water

  18. LAZERR BOSS says:

    Do they need to be baked

  19. jodi5970 says:

    That is so funny at the end lol

  20. khatol zamani says:

    As much as I try to avoid you I just can’t it kills me when I can’t make
    the things you make

  21. genesis morales says:

    Dude they look very yummy but you should do it with chocolate

  22. supp says:

    Can you still bake this

  23. mlprules says:


  24. Jessica Dye says:

    Just wondering, why does brown sugar need to be firmly packed in baking?
    Plz let me know?

  25. Tyla Dimaria says:

    How many does this recipe make? How many tablespoons is 125 grams of

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