Minnie Mouse Cake! How to Make a Giant Minnie Mouse Cupcake with Cupcake Addiction

Minnie Mouse Cake! How to Make a Giant Minnie Mouse Cupcake with Cupcake Addiction

SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/MyCupcakeAddiction Learn how to make this Disney Minnie Mouse Giant Cupcake – Simple and easy even for beginner decorators and sure to please the Minnie fan in…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 Responses to “Minnie Mouse Cake! How to Make a Giant Minnie Mouse Cupcake with Cupcake Addiction”

  1. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    How to make a Giant Minnie Mouse Cupcake! Great for beginner bakers – SHARE
    if you know a Minnie Mouse fan :)

  2. jesenia gomez says:

    I’m a baseball fan and would like to see you create something about
    baseball thanks

  3. Lyddy_a says:

    Can you make a newspaper cake? Lol don’t know how you would make it :)

  4. Ve Zapata says:

    Omg soooo beautiful! can you make a hello kitty one like that :O

  5. Cassidy Darling says:

    Can you please do something for Winx Club?!? :-) :-) :-) 

  6. Marcianna Hord says:

    Can you make a Donald Duck kind of looking Jane cupcake like you did with
    the Minnie Mouse cupcake can you do something like that or make you one but
    yeah something like that or a goofy one .

  7. Misty Hager says:

    Absolutely love this cupcake! My niece just had twin girls Isabella and
    Sophia and done everything in Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, Is there
    anything you could make with the both of them on it or however you could
    make it? Thanks in advace!!!

  8. donna padilla says:

    My baby sister Is obsess with. Minnie Mouse she had cupcakes like yours but
    the whans that are little cupcakes you did but not the big one

  9. charlotte burkhill says:

    Do you eat the cakes on your own or with the kids and your nose. Hi I’m
    Isabel and I am 10 years old and I have whached you sinse I was 2 years old

  10. pretty princess girl love says:

    I love your show

  11. mustapha ait ali says:


  12. Tkeea Baker says:

    Can you make a 6 sweet teen cake

  13. lovely tina says:

    The pink cup is that melt chocolate or just a pink cupcake cup?

  14. flwrgrl13 says:

    i think i might do this cupcake in red, and also making it mickey mouse.
    where do you buy pre colored fondant? this is adorable btw :)

  15. martin 2015 says:

    mi primo quiere de mickey mouse

  16. DisneyCollection says:

    Love the Minnie Mouse cupcake!

  17. Beza Gebrekidan says:

    I made il mini version of this with my little brother,and I him if he
    wanted to put the ears in and her yo his room,grabbed Elmer’s glue and
    messed the cake up.-.

  18. Stephanie Adkins says:

    So beautiful

  19. Lateasha Pasley says:

    Nice cake wow

  20. Stacey Smith says:

    You did good

  21. Kiesha Robinson says:

    Can you do a sopia the first cake

  22. Tressa Nemcik says:

    Can you do a dora cake???

  23. Marika Mierkiewicz says:

    Minnie Mouse Cake! How to Make a Giant Minnie Mou…:

  24. Jewel Concepcion says:

    It’s cute I like your video’s.
    Make some Mickey mouse cake.

  25. florah jeklin rumbayan says:

    Can you make a fruit cake with character

  26. How To Cook That says:

    What’s inside?
    video: http://goo.gl/D26JZu
    recipe: http://goo.gl/6Dn4oD

  27. Avery Milner says:

    Is there any way I could make this without the hemisphere mold??

  28. Barb the Bab Faced says:

    Sitting at home with only 20 pesos in my purse until the next payday
    (tomorrow) and I’m freaking dying watching this

  29. Amber Dyck says:

    Hi Ann! Do you think it would be possible to use another hot sauce, for
    example a red fruit coulis, in stead of the caramel sauce? Because I want
    to make it for a friend who doesn’t like caramel. But the sauce has to be
    hot enough to melt the chocolate ofcourse! 

  30. Gehab says:

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I’m gonna be fat.

  31. Sexy cam says:

    How to make ANY *dessert* into a healthy ?

  32. Adam Liss says:

    What could be better than chocolate? Chocolate that entertains you before
    you eat it!

    I might use cashews instead of peanuts. Oh, and I caught one horrendous
    error about 25 seconds into the video, when she instructs us to “tip it
    upside-down and give it a shake to let any excess [chocolate] drip out.”


  33. tara40197 says:

    Sometimes I wonder how your kitchen look like, I mean, it’s all white, 0_o

    Anyway, nice videos and recipe, I don’t like sweets but I enjoy watching
    your videos, thanks for sharing those, :)

  34. Kaname Shihōin says:

    Ann, I swear one of these day I’m gunna get deabetus from just watching
    your videos

  35. With ChefB says:

    Here’s my take on your tutorial! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hNdM1wCc40
    I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

  36. Chairmane Regis says:

    another magic!

  37. sara sekpe says:


  38. Sakura Haruno says:

    You: It’s a very rich dessert so you might want to share it.
    Me: Do I *have* too? T^T

  39. YYan LEE says:

    The cream is dairy or non dairy?

  40. Holly Broomhead says:

    +How To Cook That white chocolate would look really good because when you
    pour the caramel on top the chocolate will melt creating a marbled affect!!

  41. Allies says:

    I am allergic to nuts and penuts so can i use something else?

  42. Yashashree Chaugule says:

    This is amazing! I will definitely try making this soon. Thank you for
    sharing the recipe!

  43. katy tay says:

    Fuke i want this

  44. Frode Sætre says:
  45. Maicen Stølen says:

    Do you have the link for the hempisphere mold? I tried uting a pop cakes
    mold but haha that did not work…

  46. liva grinvalde says:
  47. Melon Pastel says:

    U should go on MKR

  48. מייסי רפטר says:

    I think I gained 10 pounds just from watching

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