Minnie Mouse Cake Pops

Scroll Down! ↓↓ How to make Minnie mouse cake pops, or just how to make cake pops!! Learn my secret to the melted choclate New to our channel and want to…
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Super Mario Piranha Plant Cake Pops - Quake N Bake

Super Mario Piranha Plant Cake Pops! If you enjoyed the video leave a like! This video will show you: How to make super mario Piranha plant cake pops How to …

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33 Responses to “Minnie Mouse Cake Pops”

  1. Yasmin Bautista says:

    Where can i get the pink wafers? 

  2. AvasWorld says:

    These came out so adorable!!

  3. Somos más que dos says:

    You are such a pro!!! I tryed doing cake pops before… they turned out
    very pretty but ohhh what a work!

  4. Candice Blank says:

    I need to try this!! So cute :)

  5. RaisingAddy says:

    Those came out so cute!! (: great job!!I tried making some for addys first
    birthday but it was a fail (I used a cake pop machine) I’m gonna try it
    this way this year (: wish me luck!

  6. Harris Family Journey says:
  7. Adrianna Jung says:

    can you substitude the shortening for something else for the candy melts?

  8. Jessica B says:

    Great video. Very cute =)

  9. Suhayl_ 2612 says:

    Are you and tiffy qaike sisters

  10. Leah H says:

    I think you should make a Minecraft Ghast cake!

  11. jose nunez says:

    Can you make a ender man cupcake

  12. Leah H says:

    You are very Creative!

  13. Ella Galassi says:

    shes good

  14. Hannah Shores says:

    Make little mini Mr. Stampy cat cakes!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 U &

  15. shadow fox says:


  16. Propbuster says:

    What is your faverite coler?

  17. Ella Galassi says:

    shes good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Analiese Beech says:

    you should make a minecraft dimond sord cake if you can

  19. Hudson Lehr says:

    How To Make BRAIN CAKE POPS- Quake N Bake

  20. Kathi Swank says:

    I play it 

  21. wolfieThe gamer says:

    Make a bABY DEER CAKE

  22. Builder Mazzola says:

    1:23 Thats what she said… LOL

  23. Ryleigh pitcher says:

    Maby can u make a steve head cake

  24. Hudson Lehr says:

    Pizza Slice 2:21 LOL!!!

  25. Choua Thao says:

    Do more Mario pop cakes

  26. catgirl785 or penygirl785 says:


  27. Luz Lolli says:

    Make a computer cake 

  28. Azariah Griifin says:

    Ihascupquake make a cookie of yourself

  29. Kenjira Delgado says:

    You should make you!

  30. Ryan Conners says:

    Do mario and luigi cakes

  31. Leslie Morales says:


  32. random lover says:

    can u try to bake a five nights at freddys cookie?

  33. Dora Fedora says:

    Good job

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