NO-Bake CANDY Cake! The easiest 4 tier Birthday Cake you’ll EVER MAKE!

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25 Responses to “NO-Bake CANDY Cake! The easiest 4 tier Birthday Cake you’ll EVER MAKE!”

  1. emmymadeinjapan says:

    Candy, candy, candy! A cake without the cake. :)

  2. Darby Nolan says:

    This is a great idea! but do you even need the chocolate as glue? couldn’t
    you just use rolled up sticky tape for the boxes of candy and polystyrene
    This is still an awesome “cake” though, it looks amazing :)

  3. tyleah Dickerson says:

    why didn’t you just use glue your sticking it on to Styrofoam. plus the
    chocolate is on the outside of the box you can’t eat it. in not being mean
    I’m just giving my opinion. I love this video by the way.:)

  4. Hannah Puhov says:

    This is great!! But still…. Once Upon A Time?

  5. Carli Kwon says:

    Why waste Chocolate as a glue? Wouldn’t it make the cardboard soggy? There
    are plenty of adhesives that can be used with Polystyrene such as adhesive
    spray and Styrofoam/Polystyrene glue which is much more convenient that
    melting down chocolate…

  6. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    You’ve NEVER seen a 4 tier cake this simple – & NO BAKE? Whaaat??

  7. Cheyenne Verstappen says:

    Could you do something the walking dead themed? :D

  8. Mithusha Sathananthan says:

    You could of just used glue insted of white chocolate when assembling the
    Styrofoam boards! Other than then the cake looked great!!

  9. LEGO PENGUIN7878 says:

    Just use glue no one is gonna eat this

  10. Biscuits 18 says:

    I love all of your vidoes they are amazing

  11. MazCrafter12 says:

    I nearly dislikeds cause of all that semi-wasted chocolate *I crys* but no,
    I couldn’t do that to candy

  12. Lillian Payne says:

    where did you get the twizzlers and jolly ranchers? where i am in australia
    its impossible to find them

  13. ♥ LadyRayden ♥ says:

    NO-Bake CANDY Cake! The easiest 4 tier Birthday Cake you’ll EVER MAKE!

  14. DJ Maldonado says:

    I like how most of the people in the comments are like,”She can’t use
    melted chocolate for glue!”
    Well, if you look at the logical explanation on why she didn’t use actual
    glue on the “cake”, it’s because:
    1. Like she explained, normal glue will eat the styrofoam
    2. How are you supposed to get the candy off of the “cake” if you use
    actual glue? With chocolate it snaps right off
    3. Haven’t you ever thought that actual glue might accidentally get in the
    4. Why are you questioning her for using melted chocolate? It’s her cake!

  15. Alicia mounkhaty says:

    My parents let me have this cake for my b day XD All my cousins will be
    jelly XD

  16. Karis Goring says:

    Wat English and American candy should I put on mine I can’t decide 

  17. Billi-Jo Kinzett says:


  18. Amanda D says:

    stupidest thing ever 

  19. Sophia Parmenter says:

    My mommy watched this for my birthday and it was awesome! We had enough
    things to go around for everybody but of course we still had regular

  20. Ask Me For A Balloon says:

    Love this candy cake, awesome idea!

  21. Erin Bailey says:

    Could you use a real cake instead of a polystyrene one and where do u get
    the lollies from (like the different flavoured nerds) because I’ve only
    found nerds in the pink and orange/ pink and purple

  22. maegan608 says:

    instead of using white chocolate to glue the candy onto the cake stand
    could you also use double-sided tape

  23. hiyaitissophie W says:

    I love how you are always so happy :)

  24. Charotte Langrish says:

    its my friends birthday in a couple of days and I don’t know what to get
    her. If I just made her this would that be enough? would you be satisfied
    if a friends just gave you this? (were not that close) thanks xx

  25. Rita Kreeto says:

    I LOVE candy bars

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