Official Bake Pops Commercial – As Seen On TV Cake Pop Maker

Get your Bake Pops today! Bake Pops are the latest sensation and now you can make these delicious treats in your own home! It’s so easy! J…

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25 Responses to “Official Bake Pops Commercial – As Seen On TV Cake Pop Maker”

  1. BuickGirl1986 says:

    O my goodness what is up with the people in these infomercials. I mean if
    you can’t eat cake with out mishaps how the hell are the gonna pour batter
    and get it into the oven without killing themselves?

  2. SoabwumOnline says:

    was anyone else brought here by ponies?

  3. corinne2721 says:

    …it’s like 3 in the morning n I’m starvin…I didn’t need to see this
    shit (god help me) I’m savin the ad for later…Thats when you know, you
    been youtubin for too long, it’s halarious tho…I wonder how many they’ve
    sold this way.

  4. lanarexy4ever says:

    guise this is obvioslyb ]amazing, i mean, its cake. ON A STICK!

  5. Lopsided Fool says:

    @134Ivy the stuck a cone on from the other end of the stick. it’s pretty
    self explanatory just by looking at it.

  6. absentmindedprof says:

    ‘Cause nothing says fun like a wad of cake on a stick!

  7. AndreeaDiana says:

    this is so stupid its funny

  8. Bruce Thomas says:

    looks good

  9. Sofia Bubble says:

    @EcksFacktur fuk yea 😀

  10. croi-agus-anam says:

    those other cakes looked disgusting

  11. ccricers says:

    OOH A FRESH BATCH OF AMERICA BALLS (just put American flags on them)

  12. Jay Theriver says:

    Look like billiard balls

  13. kau yee pao says:

    so how much are these?

  14. BadApple64 says:

    Kevin sent me.

  15. Faulkner18FTW says:

    Those look like some delicious moist, cake-covered balls you got there.

  16. AllOtherNamesTaken says:

    STORE BOUGHT CAKES ARE BORING *UGH* talk about your first world problems

  17. Charlie Manson says:

    Pinkie Pie approves

  18. Tiphanie Dee says:

    @EcksFacktur well most of the people here are not from canada OK

  19. Checkvec says:

    @EcksFacktur dude i am in victoria and they aint timbits bro there fucking

  20. TuccTownLaydii says:

    Only in America.

  21. LittleGirlGotSwagg says:

    @MrAnythingGuy lmfao

  22. ShelbySays111 says:

    do want.

  23. countrybabe561 says:

    No one smiles that much while cooking….

  24. fluffyspissed says:

    had one of these…one word: Orgasmic

  25. Aaeshah maryam says:

    Now, I have to look for @ecksfackturs comment……

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