Pingüinos de nubes o bombones. Marshmallows penguins

Con nubes, malvaviscos, bombones o Marshmallows y chocolate, realizamos unas brochetas de pingüinos muy sencillos que encantarán a niños y a mayores. Son más faciles de hacer que los cake…

OPEN FOR SECRETS… Want to send me something? Mallory Patrice PO BOX 612194 N. Miami, Fl 33261 Hey Mal Pals! I hope that you guys enjoy these simple DIY gift and room decor ideas for …
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14 Responses to “Pingüinos de nubes o bombones. Marshmallows penguins”

  1. Coser fácil y más Menudo Numerito says:

    Genial y supersencillo!!!!! Gracias :) Te he dejado un mensaje en tu página
    de Super madraza en FB a ver qué te parece!

  2. Mallory Patrice says:

    Click to TWEET this video if you enjoyed it

  3. BlackBarbie101 says:

    Okay officially love love love your channel omg you’re so pretty and ily
    omg. You’re now one of my favorite youtubers. 

  4. Mallory Patrice says:


  5. Yellowcat says:

    I would like a #you’reawesome bracelet 

  6. Rylan Albritton says:

    First to watch

  7. xxMakeUpIsCoolxxLover Forever says:

    Can you enter me please i do not have an instagram or phone?

  8. Hanne Eerdekens says:

    Omg I’m MalPal of The week!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  9. Jayshona Boxx says:

    Just Subcribed!!! +Mallory Patrice 

  10. Jayshona Boxx says:

    How do you edit your videos??? and can you make a video about???

  11. Christian Thomas says:


  12. Mantha Dreamer says:

    love your chNNEL~~~~~
    CAN YOU DO A room tour ????

  13. Hanne Eerdekens says:

    WoW Mallory! This is…. Amazing! Your editting grts better every time and
    your ideas are creative and really good!

    Xoxox Hanne

  14. Inicolej diys says:

    Hi mall I just wanted to ask could u please subscribe to my channel it’s
    Inicolej diys

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