pokemon characters cake pops

These are very easy to make cake pops, easy to follow recipe, very tasty, great for children parties, birthdays, children gatherings or for any occasion. For…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/MyCupcakeAddiction Learn how to make CANDY POKEBALLS – Pokemon – Gotta Catch em all! (In my mouth!) Pokemon X and Y is out this…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to “pokemon characters cake pops”

  1. 李英 says:


  2. Vitus Ronild says:

    Very nice! 😀 Thanks for the cool video! Really helped me! :D

  3. ella mccully says:
  4. Ebony Busk says:

    Where can I buy candy melts in Queensland? Anyone know?

  5. ameena usman says:

    Why do boys watch this vid ???? 

  6. Laura Stewart says:

    oh my god my son is going to adore this! :) thank you so much

  7. Justin Nguyen says:

    Aww they are so cute!

  8. Kayla Trakalo says:

    What can u use if u don’t have a cake pop mild thing?

  9. ritika sharma says:


  10. Gummy Bears United says:

    I love pokemon put i can’t defeat the pokemon leage -.-

  11. Blanca Gomez Garcia says:

    Candy Pokeballs! Make Edible Pokemon Pokeballs – …:Que chuli son una monada

  12. NukAPepsy says:

    What did you melted for the red and black stuff there? xD 

  13. Ameer Sameer says:
  14. treeriders says:

    Pokémon not Pokemon! You’re pronouncing it wrong! ARGH!!!

  15. maya palenik says:

    Can you make a owl cake

  16. Kurai Phantom says:

    You should make Pokepuffs :3

  17. Ameer Sameer says:
  18. Madi Eldridge says:

    Roll cake

  19. Sandra Ramos says:

    what kinda of red candy melts ?? like any candy thats red ??? 

  20. Chad Marquis says:

    I am SOO doing this at my next party! :P

  21. John Burnett says:

    You should make jiggly puff

  22. Jobanpreet singh says:

    Where are the candy bombs I’m waiting seend me link plz and ur channel is

  23. Lexxie Rowell says:

    I’m going to have to make these soon, and give one with Magikarp in it to
    someone I don’t like *devious laugh*

  24. lashy says:

    Do you dye the chocolate red too get the colour ? Thanks

  25. momomia90 says:

    How did you make the red choclete?

  26. jazzydee129 says:

    Forget the spoon just trow it on the ground and have i go every were thats
    more fun XD 

  27. Sarah Glaceon says:

    So cute !

  28. Sunny Deyz says:

    Lol makes me think of that old 90s commercial, “Oh I wonder, wonder,
    wonder, wonder, what’s in the POKEBALL!”

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