PRINCESS CUPCAKES – Make Sofia the First Mini Disney Cakes with Cupcake Addiction

SUBSCRIBE HERE: Learn how to make these much requested Disney Sofia The 1st cupcakes – So realistic you can barely tell they…
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25 Responses to “PRINCESS CUPCAKES – Make Sofia the First Mini Disney Cakes with Cupcake Addiction”

  1. Childrenofworld2014 says:


  2. Lukasz Burdalski says:

    can we eat gnash

  3. SurpriseEggs4Kids says:

    good idea for princess cake

  4. Jeomar Quiro says:

    Gosh!…. so brilliant and addictive…. what a talent.. a gift of huge
    talent in cupcake making….

  5. Halfbreed Wolf says:

    do Halloween cupcakes

  6. Padraig OConnor says:

    Do little mix cupcake or cake

  7. martha torres says:

    Un sueño para las nonas….

  8. Lpsrocks246 says:

    Can u make a back to school cookies or cakes please?

  9. Jackie Shaddad says:

    New to cake decorating these tutorials are fab can’t wait to make these 

  10. Olivier Gutierrez says:

    Can you eat every thing 

  11. Dana 2004 says:


  12. bray v says:

    Can you please make a cale tutorial for mickey mouse cupcakes or a cake. I
    need to see some and cant find any good ones. Thank you in advance:) 

  13. Sidrah Yassir says:


  14. Katherine Cho says:


  15. mark fresnedy says:

    make a sofia cake

  16. Cristina Maciel says:


  17. Isabelle Compton says:

    Plz do Winnie the Pooh and Beatrix potter cakes or cupcakes plz plz plz plz

  18. Nadine Beetham says:

    I am just taken back with your voice. What country are you from? Oh sorry
    and love the tutorials too.

  19. Kirsa Maria Bjerreskov says:


  20. veronica diaz says:

    You are so amazing at what you do do you have any kids JK just kidding what
    I was going to ask is do you know how to make the cake pops which is the
    head of Sophia the first

  21. Cherrie Ongtawco says:
  22. Liaqat Khan says:

    I loved it

  23. yanarmijo123 says:

    Hello . I love ur videos ….. Ur videos makes me hungry hehehe

  24. Ebba Eriksson says:

    Do frozen cupcakes!

  25. Queen Equinan says:

    Can you make giant Minnie Mouse cupcake

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