Rihanna – Cockiness / Birthday Cake (LIVE)

Rihanna Live in BBC Radio1 – Hackney Weekend.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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12 Responses to “Rihanna – Cockiness / Birthday Cake (LIVE)”

  1. Светлана Трофимова says:

    Rihanna – Cockiness / Birthday Cake (LIVE): http://youtu.be/ugUREtP7HsM

  2. lisa garcia says:

    Then don’t watch her videos pissing ur self off lol hater kill yourself 

  3. selenalivezon23 says:

    How can someone put this on dvd?

  4. MaricellaIbarra says:


  5. Cashara Joseph says:

    Yes….the background sounds really bad

  6. Cody Francisco says:


  7. Thad A. says:

    i guess you missed out on hip hop for the last 3 decades.

  8. Julius Breckenridge says:

    background singers are horrible. they should get better harmony

  9. Mel S says:

    like can u sing more then half these songs….no…ok

  10. Johnny Rodriguez says:

    adam blackstone arranged this stuff sooooooo amazing!

  11. ThePhilOfIt says:


  12. Dwayne Dixon says:

    They sound horrible but I love Rihanna… Even the background singers sound

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