Rum Cake Lollipops – Tipsy Bartender

Subscribe to Tipsy Bartender: Another edition of Cooking with Booze… CAKE POPS! These decadent treats are filled with rum-soaked raisins and taste incredible. These…
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23 Responses to “Rum Cake Lollipops – Tipsy Bartender”

  1. Tipsy Bartender says:

    Hey, some of you are upset I didn’t introduce Kristina but you guys know me
    and you know Kristina. This episode is about our guest, Caroline. Kristina
    and I are just tagging along for the ride. 

  2. Tien says:

    Lmao didn’t even introduce Kristina, it’s alright girl you’ve got some fans
    in the comments

  3. Tipsy Bartender says:

    How sexy was the finger lick at 1:19? 

  4. Vapes says:

    You expect me to have a house party with this shit? Nobodies getting drunk
    off these… A splash of rum? More like the whole bottle of rum if I’m
    going to give up my man card and bake these it better, go out with a bang. 

  5. Robert Smith says:

    Wow, where is she from. I love her accent. 

  6. Tipsy Bartender says:

    We make these delicious cake pops loaded with chocolate, raisins, and rum!
    Follow us:

  7. mrbioky says:

    The fuck is Almond Milk? Almonds don’t even have titties?

  8. Karanvir D says:

    I was hoping Kristina would give us one of her world-class jokes at the end

  9. MaximumNewbage says:

    Caroline seems pretty great. I hopped over to her channel to see what she’s
    about. She’s going with an inspirational single mom angle with a focus on
    cooking — and she’s pulling it off with sophistication and style from what
    I can see. Too bad it seems like she’d be too busy doing her own awesome
    stuff to be a regular on Tipsy. And even if she could be a regular, she
    probably shouldn’t.

    Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be much overlap between her brand/content
    and yours, Skyy. Given how Rachet Tipsy Bartender is, repeated appearances
    in your show might actually diminish her brand. From what I’ve seen of her
    content, cross-promotion between your channels doesn’t seem viable. What a
    shame for tipsy fans. She would’ve been a legendary tipsy girl.

  10. SennaFan says:

    Sky has the game of an 18 year old. Being a dick isnt cute when you get
    older mate. 

  11. Darren Cork says:

    I know I can be a perv but Kristina @ :46

  12. Saraya V says:

    The caption of this video should be: “when you ain’t close to someone but
    gotta be polite.” they’re so aloof XD

  13. MangaMiyn says:


  14. Custer says:

    I wanna see you make a Tiramisu that you can get drunk while eating.

  15. darrel james says:

    thats messed up you did that to sexy kristina sky 

  16. Sobelava9 says:

    Diabetes on a stick

  17. Mike Galil says:

    Rum and Raisin Cake Pops – Tipsy Bartender

  18. Ploomstar says:

    What a hot accent! Caroline needs to make some more appearances.

  19. getmore says:

    So I think I missed something bcuz I dnt know when you added to rum

  20. Daniel Trujillo says:

    Ima go on a tipsy strike if Jessica doesn’t make a drink soon! LoL

  21. RAGECookie- Z says:

    Thats bolls man ,introuduce kristina man 

  22. bubble-gum chrizz says:

    when did she add the rum? 

  23. Holmesy87 says:

    I’m English, yet hearing an English accent on Youtube sounds weird to me.

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