Shark Cake Pops for Shark Week from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Read the blog post here: Learn how to make the pastry board seen in this video:…

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22 Responses to “Shark Cake Pops for Shark Week from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio”

  1. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio says:

    Shark Cake Pops !

    #sharkcakepops #sharks #shark #sharkweek 

  2. Huda Sufi says:

    I can’t watch it cuz its keep on say playback error

  3. Anna OConner says:

    Too cute!

  4. Miki's Pantry says:

    Girl, sharks are sooo scary. That’s why I haven’t made anything
    shark-related yet, lol. >_<

  5. I'm Ann Scalett says:

    Wow your channel grew so fast btw I was your 7 subscriber :3

  6. FitAnge S says:

    Jen those look so adorable. Very smart idea I love these. Knowing me I’d
    have all the fins fall off as I was dipping them into the chocolate LOL

  7. Ty Ho says:

    These are really cute! FUN!

  8. realsaraSKELLINGTON says:

    Cute until the tail was put on wrong! Now it looks like a whale. D:

  9. duckyone20 says:

    these are so cute!

  10. Ryleigh Patterson says:

    These are adorable!!

  11. Rio Leongson says:

    That is so cuuuuute :) I want to eat them!

  12. FunFoods says:

    I love shark week. Great idea to make the cake pops. Now I am really
    excited about shark week. I think I will make something for it too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Larissa González says:

    They look so cute!:3
    Great idea 😉 

  14. ajjs says:

    Your very talented I could never do that.

  15. Mai lan says:


  16. Arno Zegers says:

    Very cute! As always :-)

  17. Ron M says:

    COOL… SHARKS!!! Kids will love these Jenn :)

  18. GeekyGamer says:

    #cookiescupcakesandcardio What do you do with the rest of the chocolate
    left over?

  19. laura stowell says:

    Wow another great tutorial and explained so well these look so delicious
    I’m so annoyed I am allergic to egg but I can’t wait to make these for my
    family also I love the colour of your nails !!!!!

  20. AZUCAR Y GLAS says:

    Hello I love it!! can you tell me the brand of candy melts you use. I use
    wilton but cools too quickly. Thank you

  21. Mayomi Ramos says:

    I love it ur so awesome!!!!!!

  22. Doll Lover1357 says:

    Love this idea! My boyfriend loves sharks so i know he loves this! Love
    your video and you inspire me and so many others.

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