Skittles Rainbow Cake! How to make a Skittles Cake – Cupcake Addiction & Cupcakes & Cardio!

Subscribe Here: Skittles flavoured cake, Skittles frosting and Skittles decoration – SO MUCH SKITTLES! Today I teamed up with one of my fave channels, Cupcakes…
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25 Responses to “Skittles Rainbow Cake! How to make a Skittles Cake – Cupcake Addiction & Cupcakes & Cardio!”

  1. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Have you checked out my latest collaboration tutorial with Jen over at +Cookies
    Cupcakes and Cardio ?
    Its got +Skittles , cake and defies gravity!
    Check it out!

  2. mo jojo says:

    I brushed my teeth after watching this

  3. flora loran says:

    Skittles Rainbow Cake,hello everyone enjoy this video I share this video
    from youtube

  4. Sakura kinomoto says:

    Que rico pastel (>’ ·, ‘<)♡ 

  5. Jeannette Cuthbert says:
  6. A Ampea says:

    Will I have any taste buds left after eating this?

  7. Jaimie Rain says:

    If someone ever made me this, they would get an instant marraige proposal

  8. Elizabeth Walker says:

    I was sent here from the skittles lady. You’re welcome.

  9. Bert Mon says:

    umm that other lady sent me over to this vid. but i dont cook or bake
    anything. sooo yeah ok bye…

  10. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Its SKITTLES Mania! I’ve collabbed with Cupcakes & Cardio & we have so many
    great Skittles ideas for you guys!

  11. Sian Louise Greenwood says:

    we don’t have big blocks of KitKat’s in the u.k just the normal size ones

  12. Katie Mc says:

    Sorry I meant to say the “k” in the skittles

  13. Ronna Gadong says:

    Sai perché non mi place perché lai messo la plastica meglio come prima
    sensa plastica

  14. Sophie Foster says:

    the sugar cookie ruined it 

  15. Marialuisa Santiago says:

    That is a great video I want to no how to make one with lots and lots and
    lots of

  16. Jessie Rose says:

    I know this is way off topic, but what color is your nail polish? I love

  17. Jeffrey Montgomery says:

    If you plan it out from the get-go, you can pour the colors in and make
    them match the rainbow also… the colors can “pool” at the top of the
    cake, and seem to have soaked in from the top. (This would involve aligning
    the top, the colors, the poked holes, etc. throughout the process, but just
    imagine how amazing it looks.

  18. XxLunawarriorxX says:

    Don’t wanna be a Debbie downer but the purple is before the pink in the
    official rainbow

  19. john rose says:

    that is the most wonderful amazing cake in the world that is my opinion 

  20. Sarah Eum says:

    this looks so good ur creative with decorations! :)

  21. Rachel Allamby says:

    Could you make it for my birthday next week I am in Australia my name is
    Rachel Allamby my address is 20 Isabella Bev vic korumburra

  22. dimma718 says:

    The skittles were good but the chocolate was better

  23. Alan verde says:

    I did this but for the rainbow I did skittles all. Around it like its
    pouring skittles in a bowl!

  24. Sierra DePaemelere says:

    i made this and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! it didnt look as good as yours
    but it was good

  25. 7peacefrog says:

    I loved the cake by it self, but adding this just made it AMAZING! Thank
    you, and can’t wait to try it :)

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