Spaghetti Birthday Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

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25 Responses to “Spaghetti Birthday Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon”

  1. CookingwithKarma says:

    LOVE IT!! :)

  2. WhatsUpMoms says:

    This is so fun!!!

  3. Leslygx3 says:

    Wow that is so cool!

  4. Soralella71 says:

    This is amazing and your husband is handsome.

  5. daijah floralee says:

    This is very creative I love her channel ☺️very loving. I loved his

  6. Kikiomme says:

    Are you ill? i mean, it seems you have a cold 

  7. kroline8 says:

    I absolutely love this channel. Your cakes are amazing and look so
    delicious. You are one talented woman. I also noticed that you interact
    with your fans a lot, that’s awesome. <3

  8. BruklynKid says:

    I love how you made this cake in the microwave! I’m a long time subscriber
    1st time commenter! I would like to know what other cakes do you make like
    this in the microwave? I’m await your response! And thank you.

  9. A Duckling says:

    I love the way you say tomato its cute :3

  10. Tahmeenah Chowdhury says:

    Omg. I loveeeeee you soooo much. So creative. I wanna be like you when I
    grow up ughrrrr ur soo good. Jelly (meaning jealous)……;P

  11. angel garcia says:

    Anne I just have a question when you were doing this were u sick. Bc you
    sounded like u were

  12. BarclayTheDevilDog says:

    What a terrific cake!!! Oh, and your boys are ADORABLE!!!! I wish I had a
    little boy of my own… *hangs head* I bet they’re lots of fun! *wag,
    wag, wag…*

  13. Leah Wallis says:

    Im sooo hitting subscribe !xx

  14. Surprise Kids says:

    yay, we made this for my dad!

  15. closetwarrior says:

    My boyfriend’s birthday is literally tomorrow and he LOVES spaghetti,
    thanks so much for this one Anne it couldn’t have been timed better I know
    what I’m making him for dessert tomorrow night!

  16. pattycakes376 says:

    So cute!! But seems like a lot of work for such a tiny cake with mostly
    frosting. Looks like it’s for one person too.

  17. Iva Bunjevac says:

    Wow,amazing! And you have such a great kids! <333 ♥♥♥♥

  18. Anne Andersen says:

    I’m soooo much gonna do this for my Little Brothers 13 th birthday. He
    LOVES spaghetti… AND CAKE…. wonderful combination :D

  19. Katers1343 says:

    This is amazing!!

  20. sarrah husainy says:

    ur kids are cute!

  21. Toffnm says:

    Haha, I thought it was real spaghetti xD “What, I didn’t know she also has
    tutorials for dinners o.e” That is AWESOME!

  22. Sophia Aragoza says:

    Hi ann please come to the philippines its summer here and i want u to try
    our carrot cake in our resturant

  23. Natalie Beesley says:

    Where did u get the mixer

  24. Shantel Bock says:

    My birthday is in 3 days 😀 I Wish I could make a cake like you can for my
    birthday, I’ve actually never tried/seen fondant, and I’ve never had a home
    made cake o.o But I’m going to attempt to make one of your cakes one day,
    and home made fondant, once I can gather the money xD But can’t wait to see
    what you have in mind for your next video! Super excited! ^.^

  25. Sindhura Pothineni says:

    many many happy returns of the day to Mr. reardon bless ur family mam
    Thanku for the videos can u also be in the video next time please Thanku 

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