Spanky the Frenchton with his Starbucks “Birthday Cake” Pop :)

Spanky the Frenchton with his Starbucks

Too Cute … he forgot he could bite it … this is only the second one he has ever had …. for those that remember …. “how many licks does it take to get…

your a cool cat if you click show more. —– lol Social Media: Instagram: @graysieholmes Twitter: @gurugraysiee P.O. BOX INFO: GuruGraysie P.O. Box 2488 Tus…

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25 Responses to “Spanky the Frenchton with his Starbucks “Birthday Cake” Pop :)”

  1. Jenavy Pean says:

    Nash Grier or Hayes Grier who do you ship her with:) Her (blonde hair girl)

  2. Jenavy Pean says:

    Nash Grier or Hayes Grier who do you ship her with:) Her (blonde hair girl)

  3. Heena Sheikh says:

    How old r u

  4. Barunka Maděrova says:

    The boy is krasnej

  5. heleean heleeman says:

    wow!!”!very good

  6. pinkstarleopard says:

    Are you a member of the swamp family ?

  7. Billi Holmes says:

    In real life not just my name on youtube 

  8. Kayle Karen says:

    Was that a reference to grav3yardgirl? Lol awesome.

  9. MoosMolly says:


  10. Billi Holmes says:

    My last name is Holmes omg xxxxxx

  11. Rana Idris says:

    Where’s your cup full of tea from!!!!?

  12. Kathy Bonns says:

    Where do you live? Like the state?

  13. afourgi deng says:

    Coi. What. Yse. Lol. à. girl. Love you. Lol

  14. faiz foad says:

    Sick a dick

  15. Mikaela Mengarelli says:

    Your sister is pretty the taste tester 

  16. JJ's World says:

    The drink thing is what bunny does

  17. Diamond Katty says:

    You have beautiful smile, Graysie! Love this video :)

  18. hannah faith says:

    U watch grav3yard girl 2 I love here

  19. Brileigh Lloyd says:

    More cooking videos, believe you cooking is absolutely great/amazing!!
    please do more videos of cooking!! your so perfect!! love you gruru!!

  20. Hannah Hughes says:

    AHHH I cried when you did Sippy Sippy lool bunny is lifee

  21. Unique Katie says:

    Can you please do an updated what’s on my iphone video and great video!

  22. lara Akinsanya says:

    More cooking videos. 

  23. blushingbeautybabes01 says:

    I’m so happy that your starting to post agin! I love your videos! 

  24. vaila Cameron says:

    Do another cooking vid please

  25. Makenzie Harris says:

    Hi i love you ;-)

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