Spider-Man Cake ( How to )

Step by step guide on how to make your very own spider-man birthday cake for someone special great for boys or girls birthday parties Music by http://www.danosongs.com.

LEGGIMI IMPORTANTE !!!!!!! ***** Cercami su FACEBOOK , Antonia Distasi IL MIO BLOG : http://wwwilmondodiantonella.blogspot.com/ Ciao a tutti , in questo video vi mostro come decorare…
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50 Responses to “Spider-Man Cake ( How to )”

  1. Laura Irvin says:

    Love this! So clever, I have played with fondant and stuffed up so many
    times so the idea of painting on is genius!
    Just wondering what the blue icing is that you put on first>>>?

    Thanks a million! You will make a 3 year old boys birthday very special.

  2. Stephanie MB says:

    Cool…just slightly in doubt if the amount of red food coloring is safe to
    eat and I fount annoying the music as I couldn’t hear quite clear what you
    were saying

  3. Lobke Verheggen says:

    Zo mooi LOVE you 

  4. Francine Williams says:

    Cool. I’m going to make this for my nephew’s birthday next month. 

  5. Jose angel flores rosales says:

    C.c. . .m. .s


  6. sajansari says:

    I really wanna make that and looks so yummy mmmm

  7. Kevin Crespo-Reyes says:

    its a girl hand .-. a guy talking wtf?

  8. abigab yawson says:

    Is my son birthday tomorrow
    and I don’t even know what to do you just give me idea. I really love it .

  9. hoeprah says:


  10. Minhthanh Hoang says:

    Can eat this ?

  11. Fakhar Youssef says:

    Very good : Spider-Man Cake

  12. L S says:

    So many views

  13. Dayvid Anésio Campos de Paula says:


  14. Heaven Menendez says:

    Do slender man pleas

  15. defdiz says:

    How did you do that

  16. Mohd azan Soni says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  17. Lala Brook says:

    I like kinds of cakes

  18. ahlam algerie says:

    Yara – Ayech Bi Oyouni (Official Music Video) / يارا – عايش بعيوني

  19. Amer Khan says:

    i really like your cakes lol:)

  20. Yusuf Selamet says:
  21. Khuram Shazad says:

    i really like your cakes:)

  22. Marcel Van Tongelen says:

    Iopouijtttyghggij CV gghhggbfv zo CF g TU GBy

  23. Salina Uddin says:

    That is cool

  24. เอ็ม สุชาติ says:
  25. Aqilah Auni says:

    Love this!! I like!!

  26. christina radovich says:
  27. Jaretzy Hernandez says:

    Es tamuivonito pero pepa y subfamilia es tan muí raros

  28. Daniela Sepulveda says:
  29. vivia correa says:
  30. Luciana Nascimento says:


  31. Play doh toys Italiano says:


  32. mundo da kaiane says:

    Oi e…
    Qual cola você fez para colar esse enfeites ?

  33. Nilzeide Silva says:

    Peppa sim

  34. Nilzeide Silva says:

    Peppa sim

  35. uccia3000 says:
  36. Chopedham says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  37. Asmat Paturashvili says:
  38. Maria Randazzo says:

    Sei un mostro un bacione con questa torta non ho, parolle 

  39. Maria Tripodi says:


  40. cinzia fiandrino says:

    Bravissima!!Grazie al tuo tutorial su come fare i personaggi di Peppa Pig
    ho fatto una torta che mi ha dato grande soddisfazione!!!!

  41. Rossella azzurra says:

    Troppo bella

  42. bambolliemy says:

    ciao bellissimo video

  43. oplo0100 says:

    Ciao Uccia sei davvero bravissima, ma lo fai proprio per lavoro??? PS: Chi
    ha vinto il giveaway Alkemilla?

  44. Cat M says:

    Quasi dispiace mangiarla!!

  45. Andrea Viscione says:

    Lo guardata insieme a miei figli te lo detto che gli piace molto peppa pig.
    È uno spettacolo veramente bravissima 10 e lode

  46. angy bamboleddra says:

    sei un genio

  47. Annalisa Zullo says:

    ma è fantasticaaaaaa!!!!

  48. 67aurorablu says:

    Molto carina. .

  49. Il Barbatrucco della Mokarta says:

    troppo brava *_* meraviglia!!!!

  50. AntonellaCreazioni says:


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