Super Mario Bros Cake Pops Recipe Video by Bhavna – No cake pop maker needed!

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Cute heart-shaped cake pops using a silicon mold sold by Kai, decorated by Moso Mom. 貝印さんから発売されているシリコン製のロリポップ型を使ってハート型のロリポップ、作ってみました。 Please click on the Cap…

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50 Responses to “Super Mario Bros Cake Pops Recipe Video by Bhavna – No cake pop maker needed!”

  1. Morgan Higgins says:


  2. zorroag says:

    Mm, eat thay mushroom pop woman

  3. Rosh Chauhan says:

    hey bhavna i regularly following you and i have a problem with Rasgulla it
    never cook perfect it become hard or it breaks wt to do wd that !!! :(

  4. Lovely Singh says:

    Nice……Please don’t forget to visit my page and give your valuable
    comments !!!!!!!!!!

  5. asianlite6 says:

    Hi sis…you are expert in vegetable carving too! awesome! Please do upload
    bhuna masala of you own twist sis..thank you..god bless you my sister..:)

  6. Amanda Rossouw says:


  7. Hulu Lala says:

    Perfectly my type, Bhavna!

  8. Bhavna's Kitchen says:

    If you follow tips and video properly, and with practice, you will get it
    right. I will try to post more tips on website.

  9. Tan Kian Boon says:


  10. DCARA06 says:

    Wow, you’re a very patient woman! Great job.

  11. faraz adil says:

    So much effort nice for kids thanx.

  12. Vanita Vishram says:

    Super awesome, Bhavna! Some girly cake pops recipe as well please….

  13. Jenn Grace says:

    You could use those leftover bits to make the normal crumble cake pops :)

  14. radhika tln says:

    Me first…. :)

  15. Bhavna's Kitchen says:

    wilton gel colors

  16. ssjmichael says:

    Wow this was so cool!

  17. Bhavna's Kitchen says:

    will sure…

  18. jay gomes says:

    Do something that involves pokemon

  19. Bhavna's Kitchen says:

    Sorry to say that I haven’t done any research about it!

  20. Milis Cooking says:


  21. ReadySteadyEat says:

    this is soo nice nd cute!

  22. whynotgivitago says:


  23. TheSujathac says:

    what is the food color brand ?

  24. akash gupta says:

    Ma’am what’s your opinion of induction cooktops regarding waves radiated
    from it?

  25. locksmanful says:
  26. Phoenix Chung says:

    Why can’t I find theses sets in London?

  27. Anita weng says:

    Cynthia those ain’t cats their hearts duh

  28. Phongsak Kununtha says:

    is a pretty cake pop


  29. ShiaNaturesFearie says:


  30. Yvonne Noel Ohana says:

    Maybe because it cute

  31. 2306noel says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  32. ShiaNaturesFearie says:


  33. Jennifer La says:

    I have a round pop cake mold. The cake pops actually sometimes stick to the
    mold and break the cakes apart. ^_^;

  34. Tozz says:

    why everything you do is so perfect

  35. yuippeakicha1226 says:


  36. ladymalik1D says:

    looks yum

  37. shysingergirl14 says:

    if i ever get to go to japan, i feel like the first thing i need to do is
    buy tons of those baking molds 😀

  38. ami55462213 says:

    これの丸型で作ったことあります♪ 可愛いですね♡

  39. juju bee says:

    So perfect n precise

  40. ゆざわ says:


  41. 1Dbabesluv says:

    PLEASE REpLY!Where did you get the small spoon that you were mixing for the
    icing powder?

  42. hockie (*´ڡ`* ) says:


  43. cheskydivision says:

    that would be good for making cats too. just different color dip and paint
    on faces.

  44. DokiDoki Chii says:

    I wouldn’t use a pancake mix, I would make a batter from scratch. But this
    is a lovely video~ <3

  45. hoxx3427 says:

    かわいい! 妄想さんがアイシング使ったら まるで色鉛筆みたいにみえる! 完成度高過ぎます!

  46. yykkk222 says:

    Lollipop cakes are actually called Cake Pops 😉

  47. chihosnsd2000 says:

    わ!! とっても可愛いですね(^o^)v

  48. 1Dbabesluv says:

    PLEASE REPLY!Where did you get the kit?

  49. suesantos97 says:

    I went to Japan 4 weeks ago

  50. Reem Jenaideb says:

    pancake is cake except pancake is made flat on a pan but its the same thing
    haha you can use a boxed cake mix works fine as well

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