SURPRISE TOYS Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cupcakes Cake Pops Disney Princess Hello Kitty LPS

Disney Cars Toy Club Channel Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Bakery Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Lollipops and Giant Play-Doh Cake stuffed with surprise toys! Watch as we open…
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Decorate Gorgeous SANTA Christmas CAKEPOPS for your friends and family this Christmas. Pair them with some of our great Christmas Cupcake Ideas for a truly s…

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50 Responses to “SURPRISE TOYS Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cupcakes Cake Pops Disney Princess Hello Kitty LPS”

  1. Lisa JOE says:

    Love all you’re videos !!!!!!! *.*

  2. LegoGameplayHD says:


  3. Evelin Rallauc says:


  4. Marive Vazquez says:

    QwerhkjUFJMJBC. $$99880011&&@@@!!!$$$$$&$$$&$$&&

  5. nkereuwem umoh says:

    Looooooooooove your play doh

  6. Jhon Castillano says:

    I started watching u I like it by the way luv ur nail polish

  7. Larry D says:

    I like you and your husbands accent

  8. Caitlin Frost says:

    I love l.p.s

  9. vania w says:

    cute cake and cupcake

  10. Jesus Mariasaavedra Nieto says:


  11. Remi Harris says:

    Come get. Me. Play dou west weog c

  12. Orlando Montero says:

    I really like the little toys you have were did you get all the toys from?

  13. Elida Martinez says:


  14. sammy ali says:

    I want that cinderella where did u get it from

  15. Eeejee See says:



    mui gueno

  17. lps Jeannie says:

    Did you make or buy it please reply

  18. Albert Lopez says:

    D 4days

  19. loligirl schmidt says:

    =) its good and Beautifull 

  20. Edgar Arambula says:

    I love the cakes so real and pretty

  21. Caitlin Frost says:

    I love ops

  22. Brittany Lavender says:

    Cook playdoh cake

  23. Kate Henry says:

    I am 8

  24. chab bondoc says:

    Yeah whatever I said below is blahblahblah how do u make these things? And
    yeah love the music

  25. moouse says:


  26. Lucia Di Natale says:

    whished for christmas mycupcakeaddiction

  27. rachaeland diamond says:

    Im making my. Santa black

  28. Milly Kac says:

    Where you turned him upside down for the beard he looked like one of those
    wigs in court lol love ur baking

  29. Roselinda Barajas says:

    love it

  30. Marissa M says:

    when you were putting on his beard, upside down he looked like george

  31. Madeline Suero-Cortez says:

    Thank u for this wonderful tutorial can you please do a tutorial on how to
    make Christmas stocking cake pops as well as Christmas reef cake pops. Have
    been trying to make it for a while was just not coming out for me thank

  32. leya tina says:

    You do amazing foods

  33. Chloe Stanley says:

    North Star Cake Pops.

  34. MyCupcakeAddiction says:

    Awesome Santa Cake Pops – Check out our Free Tutorial on our YouTube
    channel mycupcakeaddiction!

  35. FitAnge S says:

    These look incredible. Thanks heaps

  36. SimplyBakings says:


  37. muskan malek says:

    @Geminellie06 it’s chocolate not black…..:)

  38. Adele M says:

    Thx:) is there anything else i can use to thin out the candy melts besides
    shortening or copha i cant find copha anywhere

  39. iVaneMasson says:

    Those cake pops are so darn cute! Nicely done!

  40. isabelmalagon2010 says:

    So amazing, and talented!

  41. SimplyBakings says:


  42. muskan malek says:

    I like how u say Santa (santer)

  43. Isabella Holland says:

    You should start showing your face in all your videos instead of just
    special ones

  44. EmanAshkanany99 says:

    Yummy ! Its cute

  45. SimplyBakings says:

    yey, add more!

  46. cookie cat says:

    Not everyone celebrates Christmas can u pls do more videos but a little
    less Christmas stuff for the people that don’t celebrate it

  47. Mary Pagdati says:

    Absolutely fabulous… thanks so much!!

  48. Amaris Garcia says:

    I really love your videos , and I know your a red head!!

  49. BellaBoo0725 says:

    You’re awesome! Can you do some babyshower cake pops?? I think that it
    would be a perfect thing to walk in with!

  50. Elizabeth Larson says:

    From one Decorator to another, that is really cool! Liz

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