Sweethearts (Conversation Hearts) Cake Pops!!

Learn how to make these adorable conversation heart cake pops for Valentine’s Day!! A cake pop version of Sweethearts! Personalize them however you. Even mak…

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33 Responses to “Sweethearts (Conversation Hearts) Cake Pops!!”

  1. CreeperGirlXD says:

    This is really helpful! Thanks!

  2. SaRaH WoRkMaN says:

    And how much cake does it take to make 30? And how much does the whole box
    cake make?

  3. Jackie Wilson says:

    What is lecithen? I understand that your saying if I mix it with the food
    coloring it will stick better to the candy coating? I tried piping royol
    icing on my cake pops and it all came off it wouldnt stick=/ I wonder if I
    added the lecithin to the royol icing if it would make it stick to the cake

  4. AmBearMae22 says:

    I’m trying to make these (trial test) but my cake pops are tooooo sticky,
    did I add too much frosting? How do I fix this? I have a dough consistency
    but they just seem too moist or something.. Please respond back! 

  5. Amber Kish says:

    This is the cutest idea ever! I was looking for a cake pop idea for
    Valentine’s Day and this is PERFECT! 

  6. squincegoddess says:

    Gasp so beautiful!!! I’m really in awe of everything you do here on your
    channel. Congrats again! :)

  7. Godslivesinme says:

    Yes this helps a lot, every cook use them but never go in detail of what
    they are.. I always wanted to use them but didn’t want to waste money.. I
    love your videos, I am a home cook that going to be a chef one day. I
    enrolled in school today.. so excited but nerves.. would candy melts be
    good for covering strawberries?or just for decorating

  8. Bernice Wallace says:

    Can I just use Americolor food pens to write my messages? I don’t want to
    have to work too hard on these. :d

  9. christopherinsc1981 says:

    looks great

  10. dai sies says:

    Awesome!!!!! These will be so fun!!!!!!!

  11. Mary Kester says:

    Will any kind of cake do for these cake pops?

  12. paolajem92 says:

    super cute, and i learned a lot about melting chocolate as well!

  13. icee4eva says:

    What brand melts r those?

  14. buglady58 says:

    wow, I can’t believe you painted those freehand. you are simply amazing

  15. FitAnge S says:

    These are adorable jason! Your so talented and you have such a steady hand.
    They look excellent. Love the silicon mould idea. Cool!

  16. TheDenisedrake says:

    Fantastic! … but my family and I are wondering what are
    “anti-Valentine’s Day” sayings? “Go Away” , “u stink”, possibly?

  17. Food Luv Bites says:

    Adorable indeed!

  18. kjsewgirl says:

    You knocked it out of the park once again Buster!! Love cake pops!!!

  19. Susan Robinson says:

    So cute! These are just the sweetest little cake bites!

  20. Joan Cuthill says:

    Wonderful my friend. Thank you so much. ~ God Bless you.♥

  21. The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

    mmmmmmm cake pops

  22. yllekr123 says:

    I love cake pops!

  23. sommer sanchez says:

    Those look awesome

  24. ddAdmire says:

    so who is the sweetie that is getting those cake pops?

  25. AliceCries says:

    Awesome idea, may have to try this! What also works is heating cake
    frosting and dipping them in that. I use this method to frost cookies and
    it hardens real nice and smooth. I would think melting white chocolate and
    adding food coloring would work, also.

  26. CocosCookin says:

    Hehehe too bad we live in different states or I’d have to take you up on
    your offer :) My family’s waistlines keep on increasing from all the sweets
    I make lol

  27. MegaJimboJack says:

    i love u and i miss u guys a hole lot love your kake pops

  28. hanna buchman says:

    Omg I’m subscribing to u!!! U r amazing I hate watching those other videos
    that make me feel helpless cuz I can’t make them mine won’t be “to perfect”
    this is DELICIOUS FUN AND EASY!! omg so good!!!! THANK U!!

  29. Jroff531 says:

    Amazing Video. I hate those videos that make absolutley impossibly perfect
    cake pops that nobody can replicate. It always makes me feel bad. But mine
    came out exactly as yours did! They were SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!!! And
    also, did you use double stuff or regular oreos. I used regular. Would the
    cream make a difference?

  30. lynneaaa101 says:

    really cool! do you all of the cake stuff you made, that only made six cake
    pops correct? how much of a cake would you suggest for about 20-25 cake

  31. Elvis66 says:

    If you ever need a taste tester, I’d be glad to volunteer. I am going to
    have to make some of these either for Memorial day or July 4th.

  32. MrsAutumnX says:

    Super easy! Thanks for sharing.

  33. CocosCookin says:

    Thanks for watching!

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