Thomas Train Birthday Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon 3D fondant

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25 Responses to “Thomas Train Birthday Cake HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon 3D fondant”

  1. How To Cook That says:

    3D thomas cake tutorial, sure to make any Thomas fan excited, watch the
    little boys face at the end of the video.

    video on youtube:

    recipe blog post:

    #thomascake #traincake #thomasandfriends #fondantcake #3dcakes 

  2. Kin Community says:

    Choo choo! This Thomas the Train Birthday Cake looks adorable and tastes
    sweet! Make your own. @howtocookthat

  3. ToyTrains4u says:

    Great video. We love Thomas! :-)

  4. Susi Dominguez says:


  5. Marion Sensei says:

    where do you live in australia?

  6. HappyFeet Bro says:

    U need a tv show

  7. EvaValenti (ember-snow) says:

    I bet you’re everybody’s favorite mom! :) Really nice outcome for the cake.

  8. greenwithenvy55 says:

    My grandson would go bonkers over that cake! You did a phenomenal job!
    Lotta work! 

  9. Silvina Escobar says:

    Hi, awesome job!! I would like to do it for my son (Big fan!!) Can you
    please share the templates for cutting?? or at least tell me the
    dimenssions? Thanks!

  10. Maisie Blake says:

    Got any ideas for a transformers cake

  11. GiftedCreativeArtist says:

    Awesome tutorial and sooooo generous of you to share it! The blue colored
    fondant is a perfect match for Thomas. What colors would make this color
    or where did you buy it? Thanks so much!

  12. Tara Romsaithong says:


  13. freakstate says:

    Great video as always :)

  14. Surprise Kids says:

    such an amazing job Ann! Sir Topham Hatt would be as pleased as punch!

  15. Isaiah Acosta says:

    Secound comment woahhhhh 

  16. Corney says:

    500$ for a cake??? whattt??

  17. The Icing Artist says:

    I love it! I think I might try to make a cake like this for my nephew!

  18. Sanna Khan says:

    A humpty dumpty cake I need it for my mum too make for my little brothers
    birthday thanxz anne

  19. Vy Tran says:

    plz do more thomas stuff my brother likes thomas

  20. TechnoShock4 says:

    the chocolate cake looks like brownie with the crust!!

  21. Farrah Mac says:

    That is insane!!! So much work!!! Good job!

  22. Sigal JB yakobson says:


  23. Sian McDermott says:

    Love it

  24. khushi chawla says:

    u r genius…i cant make it because i am very bad in art n baking…but its
    fun to watch your videos…keep going….thanks for ur efforts…

  25. forevermore says:

    Amazing as always!

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