Trott’s Birthday Cake!

We’ve made Trott a special cake for his birthday today! Thanks for watching. Want more? Make sure to subscribe & follow @hat_films for updates! ♢ TRY THESE: …
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25 Responses to “Trott’s Birthday Cake!”

  1. YOGSCAST Parv says:

    Chris likes Chinese food buffet on his birthday I think!

  2. Jebuss says:

    i love Alex’s eyes they are SO blue 

  3. Farrah Missy says:

    I love every single one of you for all different reasons I like Trott
    because he’s good looking I like Smithy because he’s funny as hell and I’m
    very similar to Ross in many different ways

  4. The Caitasaurus says:

    i love how smith is just casually cuddlin up to trott the whole video….

  5. louis holden says:

    Why would you put fork handles on a cake?

  6. PackWolfGamer says:

    Is it just me, but does Smith remind you of Peter Quill from Guardians of
    the Galaxy?

  7. The Aura Tree says:

    That cake mix IS a nice one, very more-ish. I made one my grandad had in
    his cupboard. Everyone liked it so much he bought me a mix to make for

  8. PrincessAmy114 says:

    It should have been car films Chris (trott) Alex ( Alsmify) and Ross

  9. popcorn23828 says:

    That bakeing scene..

  10. Katherine Walker says:

    tthis vid shows how much they luv each other <3

  11. wesly jones says:

    Aren’t those the same boxers Ross got for the fan mail ep.

  12. Jinx Inf3rno says:

    Me and hat films have the same cake tin XD

  13. DeathBadger1231 says:

    Four candles or handles for forks?

  14. Hayley Smith says:

    I love how Trott doesn’t trust Smith or Ross when he’s about to eat the

  15. ManageYourGaming says:

    Fucking Smiffy xD

  16. Harper Wells says:

    We call it tin foil to

  17. Esther Martinez says:

    I find smiffy SUPER attractive

  18. Dark_Fairy says:


  19. Jasmine Carr says:

    I want a pair of those boxers! XD

  20. Stuart Thompson says:

    I can’t trust smithy at 13:44 it looks like he’s about to kill someone

  21. miwright21 says:

    Gods this makes me feel old. :(

  22. NatureOfTheBeast says:

    “it’s falling apart, get the glue” xD

  23. Raquel Ramon says:

    wow these boys have beautiful eyes

  24. DarkMalfunction says:

    What’s the background music (before 5:42)?

  25. Faye Squibb says:


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