ZEBRA CAKE – How To – Cake Decorating Ideas by CakesStepbyStep

ZEBRA CAKE - How To - Cake Decorating Ideas by CakesStepbyStep

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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38 Responses to “ZEBRA CAKE – How To – Cake Decorating Ideas by CakesStepbyStep”

  1. Nicole Sparkles says:

    all I can say is WOW!

  2. pugsofsushi24 says:

    Do you ever use styrofoam for cake instead of actual cake?

  3. Jackie Lopez says:

    What is that stamping thing you did the small flowers with? 

  4. Wong Fu says:

    very talented beautiful work love your videos

  5. Nani Elias says:

    Suas criações são absurdamente lindas ! Meus eternos aplausos…

  6. shanita west says:

    Sooooooo pretty! How do you make your dusting pouch?

  7. Debra D says:

    Beautiful. You always do a great job.

  8. Beauty says:

    Are you always using straight fondant?

  9. Raghad Abdulla abd continental says:


  10. galeandra26 says:


  11. Cakes StepByStep says:
  12. Clarebbeeaarr says:


  13. GlazurShop Via says:
  14. Michelle Phan says:

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  15. Michelle Phan says:

    o(^∀^*)o Fun Holiday Gift Ideas! Perfect for you last minute shoppers! 😉

  16. Tu Quyen Chung says:

    Have you ever thought that some people don’t have the same kind of money
    you do?
    Think in different perspectives of living for a more crafty gift. 

  17. Ambra Bellico says:

    Another of your useless videos full of advertising….how can you be so
    corrupted? No passion anymore

  18. revko lucionar says:

    Michelle What is your religion?
    One of your video calls, that cross represents your religion.
    I do not care, because faith is a very personal and private matter.
    I respect all.
    But interests me, how faith can , to shape the human personality.

  19. Kawaii Girl Juanita says:

    THE OUTRO IS REAL. No one beats Michelle’s Outro just no one. Did you make
    that Michelle ?

  20. thesheepthatwentmooo says:

    Omg I didn’t realise those bags you were holding were real! Aha, they look
    so…. cartoon – like. Crikey, how cool is that!

  21. mish R says:

    This is why I love you Michelle. Throughout the years as your popularity
    has grown, you have never taken it for granted and instead are always
    working to expand and be better in everything you pursue. Especially when
    it comes to your videos. It’s easy to tell that you put a lot of time and
    care into them; From the products you recommend, the advice you give, and
    the graphics you put into your videos, it’s obvious you have an incredible
    work ethic and i respect you so much for that :) <3

  22. em kay says:

    Michelle’s video comments makes me hate humanity even more. Her generosity
    and genuineness shine through her face yet buncha depressed and jealous 13
    year olds comment “Omg sponsored this, advertisement that”

    Anyways, where the hell can I find the narwhal slippers my feet are

  23. The Little Monkey says:

    She is so uninspiring and worthless now. The products she recommends in her
    hauls, tutorials and idea videos are over-expensive and she mercilessly
    self-advertises her precious makeup line. I used to adore Mish back in the
    old days where she was young and fresh-faced and innocent, making videos
    for the pure, selfless joy of her and her fans. But now she’s so caught up
    in her own little world of money and fame and her actual job that she only
    makes videos to promote herself. I’ve unsubscribed even though I’ve tried
    so hard to reason with myself, find excuses to stay subscribed and watch
    and favorite and like and share her videos but now, despite my relentlessly
    desperate enthusiasm and hope, I have to reluctantly face up to the brutal
    truth: Michelle Phan no longer cares for YouTube now that her business has
    taken off.

    I’m sorry. Michelle, if you even care to read this. But I can’t take the
    pain. I can’t make excuses anymore. You are out of my life now, despite you
    originally my only true idol. I’ll have to find someone else, and trust me,
    that search is going to be the most agonizing and truly demotivating seek
    of my life.

    Goodbye, Michelle. I loved you, but I have to face up to reality.

  24. Punkie Pie says:

    She is so rich yet she never does give always

  25. Hey Tamara says:

    This is THE BEST gift idea video on Youtube! And SUCH an amazing ending! I
    just love the spiritual touch to it.
    Always the very best from Mish of course 😉
    Love you guuuuurl <33333

  26. purplepoppy07 says:

    Best gift guide I’ve seen this year! This obviously took a lot of effort
    to come up with :)

  27. ArcanaLegend says:

    I never thought of subscribing to a gura but you are the first that I
    subscribe to!
    I have been watching your channel since day1 but never had a YouTube
    account and didn’t think I would ever have one.

    It took me awhile to finally decide that it was time because of your work

    When you became famous and people starting labelling you as a fake…I
    started to dislike you and looked at other guras that they recommended..

    However I saw the change that they went through once they had fame.

    Lots of people change once they gain or taste fame and their work attitude

    I realized that everyone changes be it with fame or age and what goes on
    behind the channel will never be known to us.It is only what we see with
    our eyes that can we declare is true.

    My conclusion is that if people should subscribe to others base on work
    attitude and video quality…plus love of what they do.

    Your tips are useful and I do enjoy watching you put effort into your

    I admit that that was a period of time whereby your videos were lacking in
    favour to me but I have of late seen the spark that started my love of
    watching your videos.

    I hope that you gain back your views and viewers because you deserve them
    back for the work that you done!
    It isn’t easy to upload a video or even think of how what topic the video
    should be..The video shots are hard.(I started learning film making in my
    class and the first editing and uploading that I did for my daily grade
    almost made me cry…)
    I give you credit for being able to upload so many videos as of late.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing another video of yours:)


  28. Lesia Joukova says:

    Mish, really loved the stuff you found! Great gift guide :D

  29. Erica D says:

    I don’t understand how you can be so busy and have sooo many things going
    on in your life, yet you still produce the best beauty videos on YouTube.
    All the love and support ☺️

  30. yéti desneige says:

    damn u spent so much money on this shit

  31. Brittany Yanagihara says:

    I was looking at the Ryan Gosling Colour me good online and I just found
    out they have a colour me good TOM HIDDLESTON version! What?! Where has
    this been all of my life….Thank you Mish for helping me find this. My
    life is complete. 

  32. Sharifah Iris Syed Iskandar says:

    Mish, everyday I will go to Youtube and search for your channel! I love to
    replay your videos like hell of billion times, your voice is just so
    soothing! Sometimes if I have trouble to go to bed I will tune on your

  33. Lily Smith says:

    is this video sponsored?

  34. alecgonzalez says:

    Beautiful vid Michelle, I always love your editing.

  35. Ykhraam says:

    when I saw the beer Maker I was like, aint nobody got time for that XD

  36. Ally T says:

    Let me guess… you’re not advertising:/ like seriously why not do some
    diy’s or something original? The ideas were cool but again advertising
    isn’t… Your vids are turning into commercials. Honest opinion.

  37. Inas Lifestyle says:

    Follow on instagram inas76 its a poor girl who has no friends and she will
    be. Happy

  38. Jennifer Fix says:

    Michelle you inspired me to start making beauty guru videos! It would me
    the world to me if you guys went and checked them out! <3

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